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  1. Alan Crytex

    Hello OwO

    Thank you! OWO
  2. Alan Crytex

    Hello OwO

    How about both OWO I will enjoy my time here! Haha yeah, I haven't watched most of the eps in S7 yet, and a few on S6 Good to know tho
  3. Alan Crytex

    Hello OwO

    Hello and thank you! Yes I am hoping for the same as to myself as well ;w;
  4. Alan Crytex

    Hello OwO

    *hugs the Pinkie* owo
  5. Alan Crytex

    Hello OwO

    Thank you! <3
  6. Alan Crytex

    Hello OwO

    Hello! It's nice to meet you guys! I have been a part of the fandom for 2 years so far and I am liking it for sure As an addition, this forum can keep me warm as well! Nice to meet all of you! OwO
  7. Here's a new video of mine which is MLP In Real Life titled "Be A Tree" featuring Fluttershy and Wubcake as "Twilight". It came out pretty well! <3