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    i am angry at equestria daily.

    6 YEARS. MORE THAN 800 MILLION VIEWS. and equestria daily did not think about making a "animation post" like drawtrhead. this makes me go nuts. there is NO SUPPORT for the animators on this fandom. wich as a consequence will be doomed to be soo weak on animation part, despite MAJORITY OF EQUESTRIA DAILY VOTERS ON THE POOL CHOOSE 2D ANIMATION AS THE MOST INTERESTING FAN CONTENT. it makes me think that they are all retarded. but i am not mad at them because they did not throw any animations of mine over there. i am mad because NO SUPPORT FOR ANIMATORS. they have draw driend, featured music, bonus music, fimfiction post, game mods/ original games post, occasional randumb post, custom merch post and in 6 years of existence NO DAMNED ANIMATION POST. and what we get? LITERALLY NO ONE IS INTERESTED IN ANIMATING. because they do not have that "push" or that support other fancontent artist has. for example: brony musicians even haves "horse music herald" just for them! REALLY? 6 YEARS AND NOT ANY ANIMATION COMPILATION POST?