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    Writing, reading, videogames, TV shows, movies...basically any combination of quality and plot.

    Aside from that I like football (didn't get to watch much lately, though), profesional wrestling and hardly anything else sportrelated.

    I'm also a Magic(the TCG) player and Manga enthusiast and collector.

    Musicwise, I'm all over the place, but a good deal of my collection consists of either Metal, Rock, Classical Music or 80's.
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    Student but aspiring to become a writer, either as a journalist or a novelist, depending on how things work out.
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  1. NerdusMaximus

    What is your favorite Final Fantasy game?

    Oh boy, that's like asking a kid what's it favorite sweet... Alright, the first one I played was Final Fantasy X, which is why it will always have a special place in my heart. I have to say, though, that Final Fantasy IX had my favorite setting and feel, and Final Fantasy VIII had my favorite main character. If the Dissidia games count I probably spent the most play time on those 2, except if Kingdom Hearts counts as well (if it does, my definite answer is Kingdom Hearts 2). But if I had to pick one, it would be a draw between Final Fantasy XIII and Lightning Returns. Honourable mentions: quite literally EVERY other Final Fantasy or Kingdom Hearts game.
  2. NerdusMaximus

    [Your favorite pony] > ______

    That's a doubler. And not even that far away from yours, actually...
  3. NerdusMaximus

    [Your favorite pony] > ______

    Starlight Glimmer > Spitfire > Maud Pie > Lyra Heartstrings > Sunset Shimmer > Trixie > Twilight > Applejack > Rainbow Dash
  4. NerdusMaximus

    In which ways are you old-fashioned?

    Speaking from my heart on each of those, seriously (though I have to say, my wristwatch is digital, but that's the only thing) I hate that I can't get some shows on DVD because they are digital only these days, I go to the movies at least once per month (was my new-years resolution of 2014 and I've actually stayed true to it until now!), I go through more paper a week then most people go through cloths in a month, I recently had a long and passionate debate with some friends over whether or not manuals are/were an important aspect of videogames or not, and I always prefer a good singleplayer over any multiplayer. That being said, I also own a non-smartphone, and I do it with pride. I don't have a flatrate but use prepaid, to keep me from spaming people with messages (you think twice about every "okay" or "alright" if it costs you 15 cents each). I love the smell of books, especially old ones. I have a beard even though it was old-fashioned back when I first grew it. I watch everything back to the 100+ years old Charlie Chaplin shorts. I would take a car from the last century over pretty much every car currently made (my personal favorite is the Delorean DMC 12...yes, THAT Delorean). I HATE abbrevations. And I'm still going by the gentleman standards from the 19th century and earlier I picked up from television, movies and books as a kid (honour your elders, treat a lady with respect, don't swear around kids...) Oh, and a few years ago I still thought that I could count the good cartoons done after the year 2000 at the fingers of one hand. That was before I discovered (or in some cases before it aired) Gravity Falls, Star Vs. the Forces of Evil, Steven Universe, the Ducktales&Samurai Jack remake/continuation and, of course, My Little Pony - Friendship is Magic. Me and my similiar-aged friends often talk about how great television still was in the 90's and 80's.
  5. NerdusMaximus

    Hey There!

    You too, huh? I'm currently working on one as well, and the goal line is finally coming into view. So, what's your genre? Oh, and of course welcome to the forum^^
  6. Well, in the german one, they kept them, at least as far as I know. Maybe some minor characters that didn't appear in any of the episodes I saw in the dub had their names changed, but the Mane 6 kept theirs, as well as Discord, the Alicorns, Pinkies and Applejacks family, Starlight&Trixie...even Starswirl was kept, despite being nothing but a mention-only char for a long time (though they translated his title)
  7. In another thread, I've seen someone who hadn't expected much from the dub in his home country (France), but had yet given it a chance after some encouragement and actually ended up liking (based on the choice of words maybe even loving) it. I have yet to see my own local dub (german), because I'm waiting for the screenings to be a little less frequently visited, especially by kids, but I was wondering what experiences you made. And also: which version did you see first? Did any of you like the dub even after seeing the original first and being able to compare them?
  8. NerdusMaximus

    What's your sexuality/Gender Identity?

    Male, heteroromantic Grey-A(though with a strong tendency to the asexual side, so I usually call myself an Ace nonetheless). Wouldn't mind dying a virgin one bit, but I'd rather not spent my life alone. It may be a little bit old-fashioned, but I'd be in for a real-life version of courtly love, as it's often seen in chivalric romance.
  9. Considering the crew that made the original show great would be on board again, and that we wouldn't do any genre/style jumps like they tried and failed with The Legend of Aang: Beast Wars would be great. The characterization, the writing, the style...just like with MLP, they were tasked to write a show meant to sell merchandise, and they turned it into so, so much more. I also have to agree with Vinny Schway above. Gargoyles could use a movie to finish it's story, as well as a redcon of season 3. I didn't read them yet, but I think they did a good follow-up with the comics, based on what I heard and read, so maybe they could pick up those storylines. Samurai Jack had been rumored to be finished with a movie for many years, and even though season 5 worked well as a finisher for me, I still would've loved to see that film, given that Genndy Tartakovsky had already applied pretty much every trick in the book of good movie-making to the show throughout its run, I have no doubt he would've made a great movie about it as well. And, last but not least, something from the Avatar franchise WITHOUT Shayamalans involvement. Just the good, old, 2D animation that made the shows such a huge success. Maybe set between the original show and Legend of Korra, possibly even as an adaption of the comics.
  10. NerdusMaximus

    What is your favorite Anime that you think is a hidden gem?

    Agreed. It's a great anime, and I had many debates with friends who see it otherwise. Though I have to say, for me it would be Kekkaishi. I had read the manga for the first 20 Volumes, and then they had canceled the german translation and denying us the last 15 volumes, so I stopped reading right in the middle of the plot many years ago. Then, very reccently, I found that there wasn't only an anime, but also an english dub of it, so I gave it a chance, and instantly fell in love with it again. It's probably the best anime adaption I've ever seen, following the original so closely that I'm almost certain they simply used ripped out pages from the manga as the storyboard. But, it never got a second season, and the first one seems to end before volume 20 of the manga as well, meaning it's unfinished and thus probably a hidden gem.
  11. NerdusMaximus

    Books! Books! And More Books!

    I'm currently busy keeping up with some of the japanese Light Novels that are finally getting an english translation. I'm almost done with Overlord Vol. 5, started Baccano Vol. 5, am halfway through No Game, No Life Vol. 6, and recently finished Rokka: Braves of the Six Flowers Vol. 2. All very much recommendable, though Overlord is starting to bum me out a little with Re:Monster (another Light Novel series about being reborn into a fantasy world, though I only read the manga version here), I feel like the protagonist side is lacking morals a little bit too much. Which is why I'm looking forward to two other series with a similar setting about to be released in English soon: Regarding Reincarnation as Slime(Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken) and So I'm a Spider, so what?(Kumo desu ga, nani ka?). I've already read some of the manga version of the slime one, and it had a much more comfortable and way less drastic approach to the concept of building a nation from scratch in a fantasy world, so I'm really thrilled about reading the original books. Don't know much about the spider one, yet, but what I read sounds promising so far. Aside from that, I still got most of the Chronicles of Prydain lying around (only read the first book, so far), as well as the second novel in Asimovs Foundation series, books 7+8 of Discworld, and Ahsoka, a Star Wars novel explaining what happened to her after "The Clone Wars". Also have Thrawn preordered (in paperback, hard cover is already out I think), another Star Wars novel about a character re-introduced into the canon. And because that's not enough already I'm also wanting to continue the Dresden Files books. Only finished the first two so far, and then the flood of pre-ordered books arrived and kept me busy... Gotta say, though, the book I spent the most time on reading lately is my own one^^ Probably read each sentence I got so far about 20+ times by now
  12. NerdusMaximus

    Things in media that scared you as a kid.

    Chernabog. So, so much Chernabog...
  13. NerdusMaximus

    best and worst of movies

    Worst: The Ninth Gate The Spirit The Last Airbender I, Frankenstein Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengence Dead Poets Society Everything Uwe Boll ever made If there was anything else, I blanked it out... As for the best ones...give me a few hours^^
  14. NerdusMaximus

    hardest bosses

    First of all, the Kingdom Hearts series is full of such enemies. If it's optional and only unlocked after you beat the game (or somewhere around the last 5% of it), you can almost be certain that you're in for one hell of a fight. That being said, they also had some rather hard bosses in the non-optional parts. Xaldin and Demyx (at least the final fight) from Kingdom Hearts 2 come to mind. Talking about Kingdom Hearts, I remember a few bosses from the Final Fantasy series giving me a hard time. From FF XIII, I got the second fight against Barthandelus. To finally beat him, I had to got back and grind like crazy, and to survive during the fight I had to actively play the TANK in the team. It was far, far from fun... Oh, and the under-water bosses of FF X, of course. For the first one, I had to work with Tidus and Wakka alone, with the later being my least played and thus heavily underdeveloped character...seriously, with Auron, Lulu and Yuna at my disposal none of those bosses would've been even anywhere near hard, but like that...
  15. NerdusMaximus

    The movie in original version.

    As a very regular cinema guest, I'd technically be more than willing to do that...if it wasn't for the fact that the dubbed version will be mostly visited by kids, which can be rather annoying. I already had my share of animated movies with screaming children throwing around with popcorn this year. A seperate streaming in english with subtitles would've been pretty much "Bronies only", which I wouldn't have thought twice about, but like this...not right now. In a month or two, when every kid in town has dragged their parents into it often enough for them to say "Sorry, dear, but 3 times the charm, not 10", I'll probably attend a screening. By then, it should be quieter and easier to enjoy. But one way or another, I'll support them by getting a copy on DVD or Blu-ray once it's out.