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  1. Colorboom

    39 years. Been a bit of a journey.

    Happy Birthday!!
  2. Colorboom

    Hihi everypony

    Virtue means different things to different people ^^ @AaronMk force isn't always the conclusion. I like the droneplone sig though.
  3. Colorboom

    Hihi everypony

    She sure is @Cinder Vel ^^
  4. Colorboom

    Hihi everypony

    If that's a question I pick virtue but i;m not afraid of some terror.
  5. Colorboom

    What's Your Favorite Song In The Soundtrack?

    Open up your eyes for sure.
  6. Colorboom

    Good Day, fellow Pony fans

    Hey NerdusMaximus welcome to the community ^^
  7. Colorboom

    Hihi everypony

    Hey everypony i'm Colorboom A.K.A Night Prose, I'm a brony from the chicagoland area who has been with the fandom since season 1, and it's a pleasure to be here.
  8. Colorboom

    Active MLP Chat group

    Hey Everypony just wanted to let you guys know about an app named band , you can also use it from your browser. On this app there's a My little pony group with active chats. If the link has expired simply search My Little pony on the app or website and it's the group with almost 200 members.