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    War Thunder!

    For All you Realistic Flying Simulator fans or just regular gamers might find interest in this game called war thunder. its fit for all types of gamers and its pretty easy to learn. with a friendly community and tons of squadrons it will be easy for new people to start up! If you need help in any way im HonoralbeDeath ingame, or go to the community page http://live.warthunder.com/feed/. If you would like to try the game its on Steam or you can download manually on its website http://warthunder.com/en. I Hope to see people in the skies Soon. - Honorable.
  2. Excited! hoping to meet new people!!!

  3. HonorableDeath


    Hi everyone! im new to forums and the Fandom, ive joined since the people ive meet in the communities for gaming we so nice!!! Anyways im a nice guy and I love to play with others. I play TF2, Payday 2, Arma 3,Gmod, and War Thunder! Well that's all I have to say