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  1. 000

    Pinkie Pie Fan Club

    Best smile, don't @ me.
  2. 000

    Hello i'm new

    It would seem you've misspelled Pinkie Pie's name. But welcome to the forums Sushi/Alex!
  3. 000

    What Are You Playing Right Now and Progress

    Got the "normal" and "true" endings and played the first DLC. Loads of potential but a bit poorly executed.
  4. 000


    That was actually one of my relatives, bless their soul, though I have no idea how such a thing can happen, myself. I was just glad it did and hopefully you'll eventually be able to as well.
  5. 000

    uhhmm, Hello I guess.

    Welcome to the forums! I've never gotten into the roleplaying aspect, but I'm glad you're able to find your niche with those of similar interests in the fandom. I hope you have a good time on here!
  6. 000


    I've known people to partake in alcoholic beverages and it's certainly not a pleasant ending. I sincerely hope y'all are able to get through it. But I wouldn't want to bring the mood down, so I'd say my resolution is to simply focus more on my personal wellness and happiness for 2018. And by that I mean getting absolutely shredded.
  7. 000

    Think Pink

    You can create a new thread in the Drawfriends & Crafters section of the forums and call it "Spirit Fire's Art" or something like that. Then you can simply post all of your art in that thread instead of creating new ones. And to post your art as an image, you select "Insert other media" then select "Insert image from URL". You then copy and paste the image's URL into the box then select "Insert into post". Your image should then appear in the post window. And to get this Think Pink's image URL, for example, click on the image to follow it to its DeviantArt page. Right click the image and select "Open Image in New Tab" (not sure if the wording would be any different on a PC since I'm currently using a MacBook). That tab's web address with just image is it's URL. The URL should end in something like ".jpg". Alternatively, I believe you can also just copy and paste the image's URL straight into textbox of your post. The site then automatically generates the URL into your desired image without needing to do all of that "Insert other media" mumbo jumbo. Granted, the way you've been posting your art seems to be good enough, but I thought I'd provide an alternative process, if you didn't already know. However, I haven't been on these forums long myself so I wouldn't doubt if I'm getting something wrong. In any case, apologies for the wall of text but I hope it helps a bit!
  8. 000

    Equestria Girls YouTube Series

    Same, if you mean the Choose Your Own Ending series. It's nothing deep that progresses anything but I like that they're trying something different with EG. They also added four more episodes to the series on their app today. And I also just figured out the episodes are already sorted by a dropdown menu. ... I never claimed to be tech savvy, ok??
  9. 000

    Think Pink

    I like the design of this one. Is this them? But again, you should probably limit your art to one dedicated thread. Keeps the forums less cluttered, you know? And in the future, you can search for users in the search tab by selecting "Members" on the dropdown menu.
  10. 000

    Pinkie Pie Fan Club

  11. 000

    Tempest Shadow Fan Club

    Not sure if anyone else has expressed this thought on the forums already, but I reckon she'd make a fine buckball player.
  12. 000

    Books! Books! And More Books!

    I took interest in Battle Angel Alita when they first announced the film's production way back when. On the whole, the manga looked like my jam. I finished it a few days ago so I'm still processing it, but here is my current thoughts on it summed up by this gif: Most of the characters, especially the titular Alita, were one-dimensional and not compelling in the slightest. Everything else - the art, setting, etc. - got me through it and I have no plans to continue on to the subsequent sequels. But I am interested to see how they do it after watching the trailer. Christoph Waltz is a pretty good get, in my opinion.
  13. 000

    Spirit Fire (my officiel oc)

    I dig the color scheme of this. Well done! I'm interested in the backstory since your OC doesn't resemble any creatures I know of by lore standards. Something you made up? And to echo @Fr├ęcinette and @Badshot, you should post your OC in the master list thread by following the link provided. You could also post all of your future art in the thread you've already made. Duplicate threads makes for a messy forums site, you know? Just a friendly tip!