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  1. How much do you apreciate MLP ?

    The show would be 10/10 if they put more Vapor Trail in Season 8.
  2. Best season

    My comic marathon has finally concluded, so the revision shall commence promptly! 1.) Pinkie Pie 2.) Princess Luna 3.) Applejack 4.) Rarity 5.) Dr. Maud Pie 6.) Discord 7.) POTENTIAL COMIC SPOILER 8.) Somnambula 9.) Vapor Trail 10.) Tempest Shadow It's way too late for me to provide any coherent reasoning for my choices, but this is where my list stands at the moment.
  3. Applejack Fan Club

    Ponyville, 3017.
  4. Rarity.

    So I just discovered that whole "Rarity v Crab" thing. It's all quite... interesting.
  5. It did feel like it was made solely with their main demographic in mind, but it's certainly not the worst movie of 2017 *cough* Justice League *cough*. I'd also recommend checking out the prequel comics, should you choose to watch the film. It explains some of the events leading up to it. But you don't have to watch it if you really don't want to since I don't see the showrunners implementing elements from the film into the show anytime soon. I see it as another comics/show situation. They'll implement elements from the show into the comics, but not elements from the comics into the show.
  6. Hello

    Welcome to the forums! I hope you have a good time on here!
  7. Pokemon Thread

    Very nice! Also, I believe I actually caught my shiny Pidove early in my game. Like, first couple of badges early. But then again, it was still a Pidove. Never did find another shiny in the wild, thus spawning my eternal resentment for that winged waste of space.
  8. What Are You Playing Right Now and Progress

    I started playing the Sailor Moon Drops mobile game recently. It's a fun little puzzle game that also seems to summarize the anime. It's also a nice break from Fire Emblem Heroes's RIDICULOUSLY STUPID RNG, but that's just the current state of mobile gaming for you.
  9. hey vinny

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    2. Vinny Schway

      Vinny Schway

      Totally, I know what you mean. But you did tell them how it affected you and they actually do understand right?

    3. Infinite
    4. Vinny Schway

      Vinny Schway

      That's good. So how far are you in Birthright now?

  10. hey

    Looks like I'm a bit late to the party. Regardless, welcome to the forums! I hope you have a good time on here!
  11. Pokemon Thread

    Congrats, catching a Bonsly in the wild is rare to begin with, ain't it? I was playing Black 1 years ago when I caught my first and only shiny... but it was a Pidove.