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    Dyin' on the mornin' x3
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    Salty Just like me :3 I love her :3
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    Grumpy x3 Credits to MagnaLuna (
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    Nom ? :3 Aw she is so cute, and this lil' flower x3
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    Okay I'm laughing.
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    I'm stunned.
  10. As @Metemponychosis says, earth ponies have their own tasks they'll do better. But if we think further, it must be frustrative to be a earth pony in a world where Unicorns and Pegasus ( and Alicorns) exists :c
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    Allmighty Fluttershy :3 Credits to SpaceCatSamba (
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    Let's appreciate this magnificient art !! (My actual wallpaper) Credits the SpaceCatSamba (
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    Because I love her too <3 Hunting celestia ?
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    THIS IS AWESOME !!! DAT MANE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *____________*