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  1. Nowhere in the leak does it say anything about killing her, it only mentions changing or removing her character in G5, which I'm really afraid for based on what was proposed.
  2. hello its been a while huh?


  3. Icy Wind

    Do It For Flash: Shipping Soon

    Dang, I wish I'd seen this sooner. I like Flash and I think he's definitely been given the shaft unfairly. Good on you for doing this though
  4. Icy Wind

    Just blew into town

    Now that icon looks oddly familiar... Welcome anyways
  5. Icy Wind


    Yes I was pretty active on pony fortress 2 back when it was still alive, other than that I dunno what else would be familiar. And don't worry, I'm planning on keeping up as best I can
  6. Icy Wind

    Bad episodes this season.

    It was one of those things where it was annoying to see Ponyville ponies acting like they'd never met the mane 6 before. It worked for the out of towners but not for characters you'd seen before. I liked the idea of it though, despite the fact that I saw the backlash against the episode before I saw the episode itself, so I was retroactively trying to connect everything to peoples arguments.
  7. Icy Wind

    Bad episodes this season.

    I'm in the minority of people who actually likes Fame and Misfortune, but it was still a difficult episode to watch. Same thing with Hard to Say Anything, except I don't really care for that one.
  8. Icy Wind


    Originally watched ponies between 2011-2013, fell out of it for a couple reasons not worth mentioning, and after getting interested in the movie a month ago I'm caught up and back into it. Glad to see things haven't changed much since then, even if it is a little slower. I go to meetups and smash 4 tournaments pretty often in the southern California area, and I like anime. So yeah.