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  1. FastRiff

    Last to Post 3: Revenge

    Guilty as charged
  2. FastRiff

    Last to Post 3: Revenge

    Happy to help, that solo is awesome. Believe me If you can play an instrument like this, learning guitar is, relatively spoken, fairly easy. As long as you don't mean classical guitar or jazz, seriously those two genres are really really hard. One very rare live performances of Django Reinhardt, he is famous for using only two sometimes 3 fingers while playing.
  3. FastRiff

    Last to Post 3: Revenge

    Playing with 4 mallets sounds really hard, I've seen that once and it looks and sounds amazing. Well for guitar do you have an acoustic or electrical? If you have an acoustic one you should probably start with the standard chords. You know E-G-A-C-F-D Other than that you can play barred chords, the frets (hope that's the right word) are basically all the same you just adjust the position of your hand. What also helps is using a tabulature instead of notes. (even If you can read notes guitar sheets look confusing) With standard chords you can easily learn some some easy songs for starters I recommend "Rocking in the free world" by Neil Young The verse is pretty much E(1/8th notes)-D(half note)-C(half note) and the chorus is G-D-C-E (all played as 1/8th notes) Hope that helps a little ^-^
  4. FastRiff

    Best Pony Tug of War

    Yeah well, sometimes I live under a rock, it totally got past me that EQD has a forum. Oh yeah and you're pulling in the wrong direction :3 21
  5. FastRiff

    In which ways are you old-fashioned?

    Do you have a smartphone? If yes try the VLC app it plays FLAC files without problem.
  6. FastRiff

    What is your favorite Final Fantasy game?

    Most people instantly say FFVII, but my personal favorites are FFVI and X. Six is my most favorite because of the story and Kefka, never seen someone this wicked. FFX is also my favorite for a different reason, it was finally a Final Fantasy with a vast and difficult endgame content. I Should mention that I never used Yojimbo in a single fight, except for sacrificing him to black bestia attacks. FFVII is still my third favorite, but mostly with a mod that makes the game terrible hard. I think the name was "New Threat" I can absolutely recommend that mod.
  7. FastRiff

    Seen the movie more than once?

    The strange thing about that is, I live in a mix between a city and a town, with around 117k citizens. (ok about 20k of them are students) And we have a big university, there should be more than just me.
  8. Ahh sweet sweet working deadline, time to start my weekend with a little bit Heroes of the Storm. Need gold want Alarak, totally not because he's voiced by John DeLancie :ajlie:

  9. FastRiff

    Gamer tags

    Hey @Zero, we meet at the strangest places aren't we XD So here's my Steam profile and on the Battlenet I had to change my primary account it's now PinkiePie86#2681
  10. FastRiff

    Last to Post 3: Revenge

    I'm not trying to win, I've to much bad luck to be a threat XD For your question there is only one answer and you won't like it. Practice practice and more practice. Also a good hint is, practice easy stuff making music is mostly not about being a technical perfect player and also not about playing super complicated stuff. The most important thing is feeling comfortable and having fun. ^-^
  11. FastRiff

    Best Pony Tug of War

    But cherries are sooo~ sweet, can't resist 21
  12. FastRiff

    In which ways are you old-fashioned?

    I get very old fashioned when it comes to music and books. For books I really need a hard copy, nothing beats the smell of a new book and I like to have real pages. But with music it get's more old fashioned, I mean yes I use mp3 when I'm not at home but most of my favorite music is on a solid vinyl. The cracking sound when you put it on the phonograph is just marvelous, plus if a CD gets a scratch it's useless, when that happens to a vinyl it gets unique.
  13. FastRiff

    What about your movie theatre experience

    I had a very good experience, the first time I watched it was on premier day, which means I was able to watch it even before it aired in the USA. I live in Germany our movies enter the cinema always on Thursdays, which was October 5th. The ticket seller was definitely not prepared, well on his defense he was in the late 40's and has probably never seen a brony before. His "You-reaaaaally-want-a-ticket-for-that-movie" face was priceless. I was a little surprised that the movie wasn't playing at the smallest room in the cinema, didn't expected that. I took a seat in the back row, since I didn't want to weird out the whole normal audience. But I can also report something strange happening during the view, it appears that giving it a "G" rating (yes in Germany the movie is rated "G", even Cars 3 had a PG rating) was a bad call. Some of the younger kids were leaving the cinema with their parents shortly after the appearance of Tempest Shadow. Later I came to know that this happened in a lot of cinemas, it even made it to the news because of that. But me and most of the audience liked the movie a lot and now I'm hoping the Blu-Ray is released fast. Overall it was a good experience I was expecting a medicore movie and got a roller coaster of feelings, even had tears in my eyes at some point (those who saw it probably know when, I don't want to spoiler)
  14. FastRiff

    Bad episodes this season.

    I can only speak for myself, but this is the first season which no episode I dislike. That only happens on very rare occasion, in mostly every show I watch I find at least one episode I just don't like. I think the last time that happened was the 4th season of Supernatural.