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  1. Hi there! I'm Wicked Ways online, feel free to call me Wick. Hmm where to start, I'm 25, doing nothing with my life and chilling. I enjoy tabletop games/video games, tv shows, movies, basically all kinds of nerdy stuff haha. I'm a pretty laid back fella, just trying to figure out life. I'm about to start teaching myself piano, that should be fun. I'm a wiccan. I'm a night person, clearly by my choice of ponysona haha. I'm a avid roleplayer, I can do several paragraphs easy enough if needed. I'd love to chat and what not, so if you have any questions I am a open book. About Wicked Ways, my brother (Who is around here) is helping me design him, a bat pony clearly. Still working on his story but hey, all good things come in time. Most likely start him off as a basic member of the Night Guard. Cause I be lame and dig the armor. x3 lol
  2. Wicked

    New Batpony on the block!

    Thanks for the warm welcome! Both sound fun! Yesh, I be a child of night. OwO Don't worry, I'm all caught up. ^w^ The movie was great, season was great. Ponies are great. x3
  3. Wicked

    New Batpony on the block!

    Thanks! That means a lot, I'm sure I will.
  4. Wicked

    New Batpony on the block!

    Oh thank you, that is quite a honor.