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  1. Welp. Ponycon 2016 was tremendously amazing, but sadly, it's over now. This was the last Ponycon :sadface:


    But all of you can now be jealous because got tons of pony swag and I met Lena Hall and got an autographed poster >:3

    1. VictiniStar101


      You were there?  Who were you?  And tbh I'm not too certain that this is the last Ponycon, I think the rumors surrounding this stem from the celeb banquet

    2. VictiniStar101


      Either that or I'm in denial

  2. I haven't been here since November 10, 2015. What did I miss?

    (also I'm a zombie now, rawr)

    1. Light Landstrider

      Light Landstrider

      Not all that much to be honest, bunch of new members and forum games just kept on going.

      Welcome back Jex, good to see you around again.:happybonbon: