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  1. @CmBR03 Yeah if my meds shorten the duration or make the social damage less severe, then great...less depression is better than nothing
  2. @SavrinDrake It's true, all these years of bacon consumption have mostly just been because I hate women.
  3. SilverEagle

    New Forum! Talk about it!

    The visual resolution of its container is 1278x200, but of course this varies based on whether you're on a tablet or phone or desktop. I would say that's a good size to shoot for, though.
  4. Remember @discordapp, who will set you free? Who will be your heroes? #Developers #Developers #Developers
  5. @xyrotr1 Today's Outlook: Cloudy with a chance of Comic Sans :( #SaveXyro #FontLivesMatter #NotAllFonts
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    New Forum! Talk about it!

    Just a little update for you loyal forum users...I've made a minor change that decreases the spacing between each paragraph in posts. That way now hitting return will look a little more like normal. /)
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    Bug Reporting

    Hey! Thanks for letting us know. Sorry about the inconvenience there. Facebook and Google Plus should both now be fixed. /)
  8. Welcome Badshot, sorry for the bumpy introduction, hope you enjoy it over here on the shiny new forums!
  9. Help make it happen for Prompt: Mental Health in Tech #indiegogo via @indiegogo