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  1. @MetroPone <?php echo 'no.'; ?>
  2. @Xefir_Destiny @MKody97 Omg I totally missed it. Carry on kody~
  3. @rinachan It's certified organic, fair-trade gluten-free non-GMO rBST-free grass-fed WiFi. Only the finest bytes. Nah it's probably dialup.
  4. @mcpmelodies Me all the time in IRC: > A: Tomorrow I'm going to code that thing. > Me: Hey guys what's up? > B: Oh yeah A? Cool > A: Yep B
  5. @MKody97 I tend to not pirate things related to my hobbies, so there's no potential they get used on work stuff, which is bad news.
  6. @phaux4 You should. I'm on this thing like white on rice.
  7. @Zukill_ well this time you should talk some! I like ze voices of ze French people
  8. @Kerslap_ I know dearest kerslap, I'm sorry I haven't been on lately. I'll come on soon I promise
  9. @braeburned Oh they better not schedule foozogz out of the lineup. Watching this for updates :o
  10. @LetsEatHay VMWare also has a Pro version but it's "buy once, use forever" and has actual pro features for working with ESXi, etc
  11. Upgrading my Mac's VM tool; with @VMware offering a conversion discount, I'm taking it, thanks to @ParallelsMac's shady business practices.
  12. I think I've just seen the cutest thing ever. #Hnnnnng Azura plushie for @PonyvilleLive, more info on her coming soon
  13. @ObabScribbler Oh dear, well then I'm sorry about that. :( Nonetheless, you're a strong and charming and cool person, you got this /)
  14. .@EquestriaLA mfw > "We aren't recording this because it's an all-ages con" > Big camcorder on a tripod in all the crowd pics #fullofit
  15. Am I okay? Well, I'm lonely, insecure, antisocial at times, socially challenged at others. But I'm used to it. I'm not great...or surprised.
  16. @raddasham That's a cute name for a cute person :3
  17. Beef with the Chief: My Problem with #BronyCon Chair Josh Dean -
  18. RT @WAKEUPPEOPL3: When you post your problems on social media
  19. Get a cute icon just like mine and @PonyvilleLive's, just $10. Great deal by a great artist.
  20. Just noticed today that my ad blocker, uBlock, outright blocks all of SourceForge. Never had a reason to go visit it. My, how far it fell.
  21. @Chang31ing Uh...wut. This isn't making sex perverts legal, just saying a trans girl can use the girl's room. I don't get the objection here
  22. Trying out new commercial-free Hulu. This has been a long time coming. Price still pretty darn reasonable IMO, at $12 a month.
  23. Just had a great chat with boss and HR, this new employer is a thousand times more understanding of depression than my old one. So good.
  24. @The4thaggie You been missing work? That's my biggest fear...I can ride out depression but disappointing work hurts me even worse :(