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    Best season

    Which season of Friendship is Magic is your favorite? Why? Mine is season seven because it was the first one I watched fully and it gave the fandom a lot of answers it wanted.
  2. Violet Cookie

    Best season

    That's a completely fair comment Vinny Schway! New question: who is the best reformed villain?
  3. Violet Cookie

    Best season

    Sorry for the late reply everypony! I've been completely bogged down with college work and assignments. I'm hoping to get back to posting regularly. Thank you all for your replies! It seems that Tempest Shadow and Trixie are certainly very popular with other interesting choices. Glad to see Derpy made it! My next question: Who is your least favourite character from MLP?
  4. Violet Cookie

    Best season

    My top 10 (technically 14) MLP characters: 1) Scootaloo is just completely adorable and is a character that has gained a lot of sympathy ever since season 7. Starlight Glimmer is completely relatable because it is hard for me to make friends and also Starlight has a similar personality to my own. 2) When I first saw her, I was amazed that the show took a cliché lesson such as believing in yourself and made it something fantastic with a character I just love. Her songs are amongst the best in my opinion and I always feel emotional when I hear Magic Inside. 3) She's great, she's powerful and she's Trixie. She just has that really funny personality and I love her interactions with Starlight. 4) Zoe Saldana does a great job playing this character and she's a great leader. Also my favorite MLP song is Time to be Awesome. 5) Tempest Shadow was a character written right. Her past was darker and more upsetting that I thought. Discord is just hilarious full of great references and is just random in a great way. 6) Ever since the fan fiction Anthropology, Lyra has become my fave background pony. Also I'm a fan of the Lyrabon ship. Sorry if anyone is offended by that. 7) Ever since her first appearance in season four, I've always wanted to see more of her. I loved how she was briefly in the MLP movie. 8) A character that has stolen the hearts of most of the fandom. I'm sure she was what everyone wanted Applejack's mother to be. I hope we can see her again, however unlikely it may be and I know that she has passed on. 9) Ever since I saw the MLP movie trailer, I wanted to know more about him. He is a great character and his song was quite enjoyable. 10) Rainbow Rocks was the first Equestria Girls movie I saw, and Sunset Shimmer intrigued me. She's slightly similar to Starlight but she also is a great leader and she was such a great character in my fave Equestria Girls movie: Legend of Ever free. Fluttershy: she's cute and kind. She is a really great character and her lesson is a hard one to learn but she has pulled through. Somnambula is my favorite Legend of Magic. Her design, her voice and her personality in the comics won me over. She is also adorable and that helps.
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    Best season

    Thank you again everypony for your replies! There are so many interesting choices. I admit it was unfair for me to ask only for ONE episode. However, some of the more popular episode choices appear to be Lesson Zero, Crusaders of the Lost Mark and Amending Fences. All of which are very great episodes (even if Twilight scared the living daylights out of me). My next question: (hopefully a bit easier) who are your top ten characters from My Little Pony? It can be from Equestria Girls and the movie as well. I will post my list very soon after this.
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    Mlp reaction game

  7. Violet Cookie

    Who would like to do an oc roleplay

    Sure. Why not? My OC is Violet Cookie - a Pegasus relative of Doctor Whooves.
  8. Violet Cookie

    limestonexpie says hello everypony ^-^

    Welcome! I hope you have a great time! I'm new as of last Sunday. I hope you can feel at home here like I've been able to!
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    What the show means to me

    I've been watching My Little Pony since 2014. It was when I first watched season 2. I saw the premiere on DVD. The first episodes I ever saw were: Return of Harmony pt 1 and 2. I remember seeing Discord for the first time and just laughing at the chaos he caused. Later in the year, I discovered Rainbow Rocks. I hadn't seen the first Equestria Girls movie at this point but it was what made me like MLP. Skip to 2015, when the Friendship Games came out. I still didn't know much about the show but I knew enough to get by. However, it was only during the season 7 hiatus when I truly began to love the show. I went through a stage of depression and I felt the world was against me. I couldn't bring myself to watch anything on TV that included killing or other really bad things happening. So, I turned towards MLP. I saw some episodes on TV and then I discovered Bronies. I discovered the fandom. I discovered hope and joy again. I have been in this fandom ever since May and now have seen every episode of Friendship is Magic. I now have a YouTube channel and a Deviantart account. Not many of my friends understand why I am a Brony but they don't mind. I feel that the show has made me a much happier person and fills me with new hope towards humanity. My idea for my blog is to go through some of my all time favorite episodes and explain how they made me feel and how they impacted me as a person. Thank you for taking the time to read this post. Brohoof!
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    Best season

    Thank you everypony for your replies so far! Seasons 5 and 2 seem to be the most popular so far. Season 2 was the first series I was introduced to and seeing Discord for the first time was really entertaining. Season four had my favorite season finale. I still like season 7 the best but there are so many great episodes from every season. My next question is: Which episode from any season is your fave? Mine is Crusaders of the Lost Mark because I love the CMC and I was filled with emotion when they got their Cuite Marks.
  11. Violet Cookie

    Cutie Mark Crusaders Fan Club

    I am a huge fan of the CMC!!!!! (Especially Scootaloo).
  12. Violet Cookie

    Sunset Shimmer Fan Club

    There's nothing like a little ray of sunshine to brighten your day....
  13. Violet Cookie

    What the show means to me

    I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to everyone for such a warm welcome! It means so much to me that there are people in the world who cares for one another. As for my posts, I hope to put posts up at least once a week if not more. They will be about my favorite episodes of the show and how they impacted me as a person. Once again, thank you everyone!
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    You Can only talk with pictures

  15. Violet Cookie

    Caption This!

    Nice shades.
  16. Violet Cookie

    [Your favorite pony] > ______

    Scootaloo > Pear Butter > Vinyl Scratch > Pinkamena Diane Pie > Thorax > Princess Luna > Princess Twilight > Starlight Glimmer > Spitfire > Lyra Heartstrings > Sunset Shimmer > Trixie > Twilight > Applejack > Rainbow Dash
  17. Violet Cookie

    What about your movie theatre experience

    I saw it on the first day it came out in my town (in England) and it was just after 4p.m. My cinema was still under construction but was still showing movies. I paid for my ticket and got a student discount which is always cool. I was told to go straight in however, I walked into the end of the movie from the previous screening. No one was watching it so I found that a little scary. I went in a little later and thought I was going to be alone for the entire screening but as it was just about to start, a father and daughter and a family walked in. Both parties were completely oblivious to the fact that I was sitting in the back row for the entire movie. I was literally the only Brony there. On the whole, my viewing experience was pretty good, but the three little kids kept standing up throughout the entire film. I was the only one left during the end credits.
  18. Violet Cookie

    My Little Pony: Equestria Girls: Mirror Magic

    In my opinion, Mirror Magic was an absolute treat. Starlight Glimmer is my fave pony and it was interesting seeing her in her human form. I loved Sunset Shimmer's new nickname and I love how it was Starlight who found a way to save the day. My only flaw with the episode was possibly Juniper Montage as the antagonist. I liked her redemption though.
  19. Violet Cookie

    Hiatus Plans

    How will I survive the hiatus? Well, this is my first one so I don't know. I guess I'll watch the Flash season 4. Oh, and of course the Equestria Girls mini series
  20. Violet Cookie

    Season 7, Episodes 24 & 25: Shadow Play

    I loved this episode!
  21. Violet Cookie

    New Around Here!

    I'm new here too! I hope you are enjoying it!