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  1. GlitterCat

    Season 8, Episode 13: The Mean 6

    I'm afraid I didn't like this one. I wasn't a fan of the discorded Mane 6 earlier so seeing similar dopplegangers did nothing for me. I didn't like how easily they feel for the phonys and some of their issues still weren't resolved by the story's end (Fluttershy and the animals who feared and were angry with her.) Plus, I think the 'deaths' of the clones was a little too creepy for the target audience. I did like Chrysalis' "shutter bug" disguise, it was probably my favorite part of the episode but sadly the rest didn't click with me. I have enjoyed most of this season so I'm okay with there being an episode that just wasn't for me.
  2. GlitterCat

    What Is The Best MLP: FIM Song

    Pinkie's Lament. i love how it goes from a sad song to triumphant as Pinkie remembers the happy feelings her parties created. I also love Out On My Own because it's Apple Bloom's solo and she's still my favorite character. But there are many great ones like Winter Wrap Up and Find A Pet. It's honestly hard to chose a fave!
  3. GlitterCat

    Season 8, Episode 12: Marks for Effort

    I'm guessing that Twi took things extra seriously because she is new to being a principal and really wants all her students to do well. When Cozy Glow got all those wrong answers Twilight knew something was up. Basically she had two options: blame the CMC (who had been trying desperate measures to get into the school) or blame Cozy Glow (who as far as Twilight knew had no reason to lie or scheme.) Twilight was wrong but at least she owned up to it and the CMC got to be official tutors which is just up their alley. I really liked this episode even if Twilight did blow her stack. It might have been nice if she'd officially apologized but giving the CMC status and a cool job probably makes up for it.
  4. GlitterCat

    Season 8, Episode 10: The Break Up Break Down

    I really liked this one. There was some humor (Skelenor, Sweetie Belle telling Snips and Snails she won't be offended if they're not her secret admirer) and plenty of heart. Even in the background was some sweetness such as Lyra and BonBon and Maud Pie and Mud Briar. I'm glad it was just a misunderstanding between Big Mac and Sugar Belle and that they made up at the end. It would have been nice to see a few more characters in the background but over all I liked this and barely noticed the Mane 6 weren't involved. I don't usually like Discord but he was sweet to mess up the wheel so Big Mac had time to catch up to Sugar Belle and patch things up. 8/10 would watch again.
  5. GlitterCat

    Season 8, Episode 9: Non-Compete Clause

    This was a good episode. I like seeing more of the student six (Yona's still my fave since she's so clumsy yet enthusiastic. But Gallus is rising in the ranks with his practicality and his snark. Good combo.) It was a nice callback to Fall Weather Friends and Castle Mania to have Rainbow and AJ competing again. Pinkie Pie probably got the best line of the episode with her flowerpot joke. I liked seeing Twilight as the voice of reason. I think the school role really suits her, even more than I thought it did. I wish I'd had a principal half as understanding when I was in school.
  6. GlitterCat

    Misty Fly's Cutie Mark Question

    They're so cute. You even got my favorite Apple Bloom with her crusader cape.
  7. GlitterCat

    Misty Fly's Cutie Mark Question

    Her cutie mark is clouds and some butterflies. The butterflies appear to be peach or orange and the cloud is grey. This is seen in the beginning of "Grannies Gone Wild" when they talk about rollercoasters. I hope the plushie goes well, would love to see it when finished.
  8. GlitterCat

    Season 8, Episode 6: Surf and/or Turf

    No one technically said divorce, and Sky Beak (dad) and Ocean Flow (mom) seemed to be on good terms, though they lived separately. It's just that some viewers (including me) thought the set-up was similar enough to divorce to warrant mentioning. Terramar spoke of other griffs his age choosing between seapony and hippogriff form so it wasn't just him who felt he had to choose. So it can be interpreted as a divorce analogy (separate parents) or a coming-of-age story (separate homeworlds and cultures) or both.
  9. GlitterCat

    Should racist/bigots in the fandom be exposed?

    Abortion and same-sex marriage are in no way similar to pornography. Pornography exploits people who by being so young cannot consent to sexual acts. Same-sex marriage is simply a loving union between 2 people of the same sex. Abortion is sometimes necessary when the health of the mother involved is at risk as well as other reasons. It is not uncivilized to be pro-choice or to be in a gay marriage.
  10. GlitterCat

    Season 8, Episode 6: Surf and/or Turf

    This was great. What a wonderful start for a new writer. Good to see Mount Aris and Seaquestria again with seapony crusaders as an added bonus. I liked how both places were presented as awesome spots to live (and it was a subtle but well done reference to divorce and children visiting one parent or the other.) The song was wonderful, particularly the parts "to dare to compare anywhere to there is unfair and just plain wrong" and "Seaquestria's the most you're supposed to be there, underneath the sea where you can feel at home." I am liking Scootaloo's new singing voice. Terramar himself was really cute, maybe I liked him slightly better than Silverstream but we have more episodes coming up about her so that could change. At any rate all the cast was likable and the 'fight' between the CMCs was believable. Not over-the-top or mean, but sounding like a fight kids could have, where both want to be right and they give the silent treatment to the other. But I am glad they quickly patched things up and helped out Terramar which was more important than picking sides. Also, Twilight having fun at ring toss sounded adorable, glad she got a trophy. All in all this was a fabulous episode and I am excited for the rest of the season.
  11. GlitterCat

    Season 8, Episode 5: Grannies Gone Wild

    This is the cutest episode I've seen in awhile. Rainbow's excitement was charming and I loved how active and fun all the grannies were. Favorite moments include Apple Rose dancing, Applesaucy joke, and the wall-eyed tabby cat 'judging' Rainbow. (Also Jackpot is totally Trixie's dad.)
  12. GlitterCat

    The story concept that traumatized you the most.

    i don't know if traumatized is the right word, but the ending of Winter Wrap Up never set well with me. You let Spike, a baby dragon, fall through the ice why? Because he was kind of heckling Twilight earlier about magic use? Someone could have just said "Spike, you're being a brat and not helping." rather than let him get sick as 'punishment' for being childish.
  13. Why have you used the hashtag me too? That's supposed to be used for women speaking out against sexual harassment and assault (particularly in the entertainment industry). It's an important movement, but one that I think is generally too mature a topic for My Little Pony posts.