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  1. The Worf effect or being Worfed is named after Star Trek The Next Generation character Worf. He was a supposedly strong fighter from a warrior culture. Yeah he was often defeated in order to establish a new threat as being powerful. Therefore, people say Celestia (supposedly a powerful alicorn) was Worfed when she lost to Chrysalis (new enemy) to help establish that Crysalis was a formidable foe.
  2. Favourite Sonic Games?

    Sonic Battle is my favorite. I liked the story, I liked Emerl, I like collecting the cards, I enjoyed the fight system, I liked the mini games. Close runner ups would be Sonic Advance 1 and 2.
  3. If people are talking about Starlight, they aren't indifferent. Maybe you mean that opinions on her are divided or something. I don't really know what you want to say but I think it would help your vlogs if you scripted them. That way you could also post a transcript as not every one is going to want to listen to your youtube channel, but are more inclined to engage when you post words on a forum.
  4. Thanks. These are very cute. I like My Little Pony Tales because its a bit more relatable for kids than FiM since the ponies (like Bon Bon and Teddy) are more likely to make mistakes. Twilight and her friends are often so well behaved, kind, and honest, they can be a little hard to live up to. But they are all good series.
  5. Which comic artist is your favorite?

    i love the way Amy Mebberson draws Twilight. She emphasizes the oval shape of the eyes and it's so cute. Amy does great Disney Princesses too, perhaps that's why Twilight feels so regal in her style.
  6. Reforming villains.

    I'm still waiting for them to redeem Lightning Dust. (I liked Trixie and DT's reformations. Mixed feelings on Starlight's.)
  7. When the show ends.

    I'll probly still watch old eps on Netflix whenever I'm in a pony mood, or look at some fanart. But it may be hard to find things to talk about when the show is over.
  8. Hey everypony!

    Hey there. I am new to the board. I love playing Pokemon and Hearthstone. I am a super big fan of cartoons such as King Of The Hill, Bob's Burgers, Simpsons, Steven Universe, Regular Show, Spongebob, and MLP. My fave FiM pony is Apple Bloom. My fave pony (past gens) is Minty. I have two cats and a husband, and I'm in my 20's. that's about it. Thanks for meeting y'all.
  9. Scootaloo has lesbian aunts.

    Scootaloo's Aunt Holiday and Aunt Lofty sound super cute. I hope to see them in Season 8 or 9. It's nice to know she's not an orphan, there are family members who love her. ^__^
  10. Season 7, Episodes 24 & 25: Shadow Play

    i think it was a good finale. I liked Twilight and Starlight in it and felt pity for Stygian. I liked the mythology gag that Pinkie's counterpart was a pegasus, and Fluttershy's counterpart an earth pony. I loved seeing Rainbow Dash and Spike outsmart and outrace Garble. (I hate that dragon jerk, Garble's the worst.)
  11. Best season

    Crusaders of the Lost Mark, Brotherhooves Social, Bloom and Gloom, Made in Manehattan, Hearthbreakers, and Amending Fences are my faves. Other episodes I enjoyed are Pinkie Apple Pie, Cutie Pox, and The Cart before the Ponies. (my fave pony is Apple Bloom. She's so sweet, enthusiastic, upbeat, and friendly.)
  12. Best season

    Season 5 is my favorite. It has some of the best songs and we see the CMCs finally get their marks (and DT finally learn to be nice)
  13. What the show means to me

    that's a nice story and I'm glad to see you are in a happier, better mindset thanks to MLP. I also like the Scootaloo picture. (She's one of my faves.)