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  1. CrazedCollie

    Tales from the Lusty Seapony RP (irc rp looking for more ponies)

    Hey, thanks. The time of day was a rough reference at best. I am currently doing a scene in what is morning time on the North Americas side of things. Every time of day has seen story unfold, if you will. IRC format is best format for RP, due to reacting pretty much real-time to things. Story and especially conversations move so much faster than forum.
  2. (rp log archive) (our slightly under construction wiki) -- (I know, I know, first post in forum and advertising. Shame on me. But at least it's a good RP!) So what is thing about, then, you might ask? Simply put, it is an irc-form My Little Pony; Friendship is Magic roleplay, where our characters are Ponyville's background ponies. At least in theory - over time just about every fantastical idea has been explored. But we try to keep to the slice-of-life/romance/character drama side of things, with just occasional application of the fantastic (relatively speaking - it is Pony, so magic is rather an everyday thing). Most of the rp are conversations between ponies... surprisingly often about weather and butts, go figure. "This bar is crazy" is a frequent saying though, because all kinds of oddness happen as players get silly ideas. So it's definitely not boring - just think of the fantastic as the spice, not the main course. Setting-wise, most scenes happen in Ponyville, in this bar called The Lusty Seapony, although just about all of Equestria and beyond has been our playground at times. But things always return to the Bar. It is a bar that has seemingly always existed, held together by the impassive and impossible-to-describe Barkeep. A gathering joint of ponies from all walks of life, if you will. Mostly we are sticking to the show canon, although few things have diverted from season 3 onward and regardless canon happened almost 100% outside of the view of the Lusty Seapony so it's rarely a problem. -- So we have restarted this thing. This irc-form rp-thing that has now existed, in some form or another, at various degrees of activity, for five and half years so nearly from the beginning of pony, and has created collectively a few War and Peace's worth of text. I love this rp, and not only because of all the memories - I literally found my wife there. So this is no light suggestion that the rp is gloriously good. Two weeks ago, I grew utterly tired of conversations of 'gosh the RP was good, sad it's gone'. I started creating scenes with still-interested people - after all, the channels were still there, just been empty for a long while. Thankfully, our resident log overlord was still about and wanting to create the logs for the site so we'd have them up for later reading and enlightenment. Slowly, scenes started to happen, although a frightening amount of them at my insistence. But we have a handful of people scening, at least. Now we have this thing somewhat rolling, but what we need are players. Ponies coming and going in the bar, doing everything that ponies do. Players that have that itch for writing characters but can't quite get themselves to write whole fics (like me). Activity-wise, rp can happen at any hour, though most players so far have been in the North Americas, so most likely scene time is what's evening over there (and 2-8 am over here in Finland, but I am nuts so I probably don't count). Don't be intimidated by the archive, there is absolutely no need to read it at all - heck, I've been there from nearly Day 1 and still haven't read every scene/character arc. This re-boot came with a two-year time skip setting-wise, so you can easily only read the stories of the ponies who your character meets - if you want to. (The archive filters are handy for that.) Most of the stuff is definitely past and forgotten, sometimes even by the ponies who experienced them. -- If I got you any degree of curious, PM me or head on over to our channels at #mlpfim-rp (main rp channel) and #rp-peanuts (ooc discussion and planning) via,, or I usually connect with mIRC via kitsunet, though I've used at times when I've been away from my own computers.