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  1. Hewwo I'm not dead.

    My site --> 

    Main social media platform --> 


    Sometimes on Reddit u/rosey_bliss , sometimes on Discord Passion Heart#0833 , most times on Pony Town (Account name: Passion Heart) :3


  2. Me: (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ Oh hey hi

    You: .-.

    Me: ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ … h-hewwo hai

    You: _-_

    Me: (╯°□°)╯︵( .o.) h-HEY YOU!

    You: ( .o.)

    You: (°ロ°)

    Me: (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ I'm on Reddit

    You: (;´༎ຶД༎ຶ`)



    My Reddit: u/roesy_bliss

    Bio on reddit: 

    ( Also I'm doing commissions:

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      Like hugs eh?


      *hugs* :3

  3. I'm going only for one day on Saturday, because my Mom still have to work, it's far (but the closest mlp convention), and when the convention ends a few days after I would be considered somewhat of an adult. XD
  4. If you see this message you have been booped!!! … *boop* :3

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    2. Passion Heart

      Passion Heart

      NO MY WEAKNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    4. Passion Heart

      Passion Heart


  5. boopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboopboop

  6. Passion Heart

    OC Master List

    WOWSA thanks :3 Name: Passion Heart (Nicknames: Pashy, Pash) Race: Pegasus Gender: Filly/Female Age: Filly/Teenager Personality: Overachiever, compassionate, lil overprotective, lil stubborn, introvert, cringey/silly Description (image): Backstory: Just any old pony that lived in Baltimare. After a tough life with losing faith in other ponies, friends, and dreams of finding a talent she then discovered that art was actually a talents WOW. She worked on a BIG art piece for school one day and it was greatly admired inspiring her to inspire and entertain others by working on more projects through animations and games. She didn’t want to go to the school she normally went to due numerous unacceptable situations she was in and had witness. After reading the Friendship Journal (S7E14), she was inspired to learn more about friendship-- and how to keep them lasting a lot longer. So she moved to Ponyville to go to The School of Friendship to learn how friendship is “magic.”
  7. Passion Heart

    Anything goes

    Passion Heart: *jumps out of window and flies away* XD
  8. Passion Heart

    Write random sentences without the letter "a"

    One d-y I thought it w-s - good ide- to write - sentence without -ny -'s in it, WH-T - GRE-T IDE- IT W-S!!! :3
  9. Passion Heart

    Post a Song, Name a Pony

    for the last one: it's says Apple Jack...hmmmm…...I don't know....maybe -no...well, why not! AJ probably :3 (lol) for the 2nd to last one: Satyrn (maybe)
  10. Passion Heart

    Anything goes

    Passion walks by, but then was distracted by a butterfly. The butterfly playfully flies after her as she flies away in terror. Pashy: oh...ok...this is fi- *butterfly appears next to her* Pashy: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Passion Heart

    Favorite place to be tickled?

    I am extremely ticklish. You could be at the tip of my atmosphere without even touching me or the wind could blow and I would burst out laughing like a lunatic XD
  12. Passion Heart

    How do you represent yourself in the pony world?

    I would be a cringey pegasus, because I am cringey in real life and I like high places and traveling (but that is only the crust) (more info) PS I'm not really good at drawing and especially writing XD lol
  13. Passion Heart

    Anime? Anyone?

  14. Passion Heart

    What other shows are we watching?

    Aggretsuko (on Netflix) and Cartoon Network shows are great like (my top favs): The Amazing World of Gumball, Teen Titians Go, OK KO Lets Be Heroes, Unikitty, Craig and the Creek. :3
  15. Passion Heart

    Did you buy anything recently?

    The last thing I bought was... hmmm.... MTG cards
  16. Passion Heart

    Why did you choose your current avatar?

  17. As a high school girl I honest think you'll be fine, no sweat bruh
  18. Passion Heart

    The Roleplay Hub (OOC 4th wall breaking casual roleplay)

    *Passion sits on the ground eating a bowl of lettuce* XD
  19. Passion Heart

    Answer The Question Above You The Afterlife .... Just 2 seconds and I was like: no no! God please help...I can't even XD What is life?
  20. Passion Heart

    You Can only talk with pictures