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    Only use quotes from cartoons to have a convesation

    "Well guess what punk...I'm a fish...WITH LEGS!" - Darwin "That is the worst case of jpop I've ever seen." - Doctor "Oh, I'm so glad you asked. How about we start with your complete and total surrender?" - Tempest Shadow me: hahaha...ha...wait wat? "We could be going in circle...endless sand...nothing from miles...but sand...and this rock...and this cactus...and this road...*flops into ground*. - Spike
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    The Darkest Moments in the Show

    I think one of the most darkest (and humorous) thing is when Twi goes absolutely NUTS! JUST NUTS!!
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    i am angry at equestria daily.

    Well it's good it's there now, I just wish they gave warning on animations that had strong language, sexual content, and violences, etc. like they did on the fanfic stories. Animations yay!
  4. I'm not sure, but that would be interesting. Yet it would kind of question the faith of the human world since her and the main six have the Elements of Harmony now. While the main six in the pony world have the rainbow powers. I'm a little late in the EQG show and I'm still not done finishing season seven yet (half way there!), I think that would be interesting, esspecially since a LOT has changed since she was gone and her having the one of the Elements of Harmony.