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  1. This. I was wondering, what are your thoughts on the images I posted about the person.
  2. Honestly, I'm not in favour of black people using the word. But notice how they don't drop the hard r. Anyway, here:
  3. You know, it's also just simple to not say the word. But whatever. I'm not going to change your mind anyway.
  4. Here is the history of the word: In America, to justify slavery and its subsequent brutalities, the white American citizens needed to soothe away their cognitive dissonance by removing humanity from us. Once we were dehumanized, their treatment of us was more justifiable to their own minds. Calling us 'n---rs' was one way of this dehumanization. It is not only a slur, it's a justification to treat us as less than human beings. This is isn't hard. Every culture has taboo words and every country practices some form of political correctness. . Do you refer to your mom as a whore or bitch despite it being common in rap lyrics? Also, this: that's not real lol if you say the n word "on reflex" or whatever that means you say it so much it's inscribed a pathway in your brain, meaning pewdiepie must be calling people around him the n word every day. it doesn't "slip" out unless you say it a lot
  5. Just a word? You're the one whose joking right? African-Americans are just easily offended for getting offended by a word that has a long racist history and has been used to dehumanize people like me. We are such crybabies, right? My issue sis this person defending the use, saying it's simply a sound and people who get offended by it are easily offended, which is total BS.
  6. So this is similar to a thread I made about wanting to expose someone. So this person has recently defended the usage of racial slurs like the N word as shown here: I'm pretty sure most of us can agree racial slurs are never ok. So, I was wondering, how do you view this situation? Should I expose this person for their racism? No doxxing, just making people aware that this person is racist and should be avoided.
  7. InfiniteDays

    Should racist/bigots in the fandom be exposed?

    So, should I go and expose this racist? No doxxing though.
  8. InfiniteDays

    Should racist/bigots in the fandom be exposed?

    Read the link I sent if you have time.
  9. InfiniteDays

    Should racist/bigots in the fandom be exposed?

    Their racism needs exposing. Did you see the Arab comment. Actually, this person insist they aren't racist so I don't think it's redundant as they are being exposed.
  10. InfiniteDays

    Should racist/bigots in the fandom be exposed?

  11. InfiniteDays

    Should racist/bigots in the fandom be exposed?

    Should I list the evidence of the person I had in mind to see if they deserve to be exposed?