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    Stallion Mane 6 Member?

    Hey everyone! This is my FIRST post on the EQD Forums, and I've been itching to ask this question ever since I started watching the show. I was wondering if Hasbro would ever put a Stallion/Male member into the Mane 6? (I don't know if I should put Mane 7 because of Starlight Glimmer) I've just been wondering. It would really be interesting! How would you all feel about that? Leave your feedback! /) Brohoof!
  2. I'm eating pickles right now, there a character that likes pickles in the show?

  3. LawluAddict

    Stallion Mane 6 Member?

    Also, I meant ''it felt like I was reading a story'' by it was really thought out well xD Just to clarify that.
  4. LawluAddict

    Stallion Mane 6 Member?

    Wow! That was like reading a story, and yea, very tricky business. Anyway, thanks for discussing this with me!
  5. LawluAddict

    Stallion Mane 6 Member?

    Good, I thought I was wrong lmao! And yea, it would be interesting to see them try to push in a 7th Element after 7 years of just 6! I JUST noticed that the 7th Element and 2017, haha! Okay, sidetracked- but really, I would really want to see what it would be and how they would get it in without the fandom being skeptical, or at least a majority of them being accepting of it. Thinking of one is really hard, most of the Elements are already set in stone. Thinking of one could be tricky, they would have to not overlap other ones. And as you said: helpfulness and fairness sorta mimicks Rarity's and Fluttershy's Elements. I feel like they would introduce it with Starswirl! Since he is back now, maybe he can reveal an Element that no one knew about except the Legends of Equestria, OR maybe not even them, only him. I am still trying to think how they would introduce the new member and connect them with it...MAYBE: The stallion goes with them on the journey to find the Element, and along the way, they represent the Element, and when they finally get to it; it goes over to him and gives them a necklace just like the Mane 6.
  6. LawluAddict

    Stallion Mane 6 Member?

    @Vinny Schway -First of all, THANKS! -Second of all...and yeah! Your point makes sense, it would be odd to have another member of it and not have an Element of Harmony, but what if Hasbro introduced a NEW Element? It would be weird or that the very least, hard to get used too? I don't know how the fandom would react, but if they did take that path, I'd love to see how it would turn out. I THINK I got what you meant? Correct me if I'm wrong -Third of all, YEAH! Lmao, I'm agreeing a lot today. But yeah, there would need to be a balance in the group/representation. If they were to introduce a new Element, what do you think it would be? THANKS! /)