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  1. Ilona

    Ilona's Artwork

    Snow has melted here in the Netherlands but it's not summer yet... At least it can be Summer in my designs. Here's Sunset!
  2. Ilona

    Ilona's Artwork

    Here you go!
  3. Ilona

    Ilona's Artwork

    They are on my Teepublic and Redbubble store right now. They're even on sale at Teepublic at the moment.
  4. Ilona

    Ilona's Artwork

    Thanks everybody for the kind reactions. <3 I really appreciate it even when I can be a bit too quiet sometimes. Anyway I made some new designs. The Princesses all Retrowave/Synthwave/Vaporwave (still can't figure out what it's exactly called. )
  5. Ilona

    Ilona's Artwork

    Well, time for a topic where I show my artwork. I will also show you guys some of my non-mlp/shirt designs. Perhaps you guys would like that. :3 Pony: Non Pony
  6. Ilona


    Hello everyone, Decided to join this forum. Perhaps to talk and all. Anyway most people will probably know me as one of the authors of MLPMerch and perhaps also as fandom artist. Most likely my shirt design. I study animation as well and plan to focus on background and concept design.