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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie but I can see some flaws. It was very entertaining and it opened new possibilities for the show which season 8 will bring about. I feel however that the Mane6 were out of character/ didn't get much acting. I feel the movie is disconnected from the show itself. Twilight can get annoyed but friends are ones that she doesn't let go(consider the show. Also if you're like me you liked the show for the actual meaningful impact it was written to have- to teach people the power of friendship. I feel a story was just pumped out without much heart and merely done as filler. But seriously don't stop yourself from watching because others say so- even Equestria Girls had a little less quality for writing but its still great nontheless. Again the Movie opens more options for season 8 with the whole seaponies and school of friendship(involving creatures outside Equestria).
  2. @seafire brease It would be nice if nice if you could do both but if you just record vocals then that's perfectly fine
  3. I'm looking for someone who sings well(please send example of your work) and produces music(or at least has knowledge of singing vocals within song structure); has a clear, good quality mic; is a Christian that's willing to make a Christian MLP song; and has a nice autotune plugin to fix vocals(this is optional). I have Skype and Discord as a way of collaborating and I use FL Studio 12 as my DAW. Here's a sample of my work: Note: This is a makeshift soundcloud account just for purposes of sharing work for possible collaboration so please ignore my cover photo and any other missing details. Here's a 16 bar chord progression in G# Minor at 130 BPM for the song: I'm thinking of making a Chillout EDM song with this chord progression but I am open for options.
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    Romance fanfiction

    I'm looking for non-gay shipping fanfiction. Ones that aren't about just feelings but ones that have actual meaning to them about love and relationships. In other words no fake stuff. One's that have kissing are fine but please none with sex scenes in them.
  5. What you guys think?
  6. I agree Nile- Sadly Christian EDM(not Capital Kings stuff) is still very small. I'm glad places like DJ's Disciple exists yet again the quality isn't pristine and seems to follow that same pop style. Do you know where you can find some great Christian EDM? I'm into the more bass heavy genres like Dubstep but I do like Garage, downtempo, and chillout as well.
  7. Friendship is Horses that's true and I didn't mean that- I was more taking based off the experiences of characters or the story to write a message about Jesus. I'm wanting to do something unique and different as I'm tired of mainstream "Christian" music being generic and unreal when it comes to both the meaning and the music itself.
  8. What's some horrifying dark fanfic/creepypastas? I've listened to cupcakes and lets just say I was very disgusted and mortified. The same goes with Friendship Test.
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    Hello everybody

    Welcome! I'm actually newer to the forum and same with MLP but both are amazing. Should we give you a Pinkie Pie party?
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    MLP Memery

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    MLP Memery

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    Send the most ridiculous MLP GIFS!

    XD we need a compilation of these pics
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    Send the most ridiculous MLP GIFS!

    @Dystaz lol XD that one made me crack up laughing
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    Send the most ridiculous MLP GIFS!

    XD Loving this one
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    EDM Music producers

    Hey looking for music producers on the forum that want to hang out! my soundcloud demo
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    EDM Music producers

    Yeah I use FL Studio funny how you say that - I'm better at composition than sound design(like basses and stuff). for Plugins I use Massive(planning to get serum soon though) and some sampler plugins alongside all FL plugins. where do you want talk on sorry for the late message btw
  17. Any MLP music producers in the forum? Send me yo soundcloud links!
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    Should we throw you a Pinkie welcome party?
  19. From what I've heard people in MLP fandom are one of the nicest I guess I was 100% right glad to be part of it
  20. Hello I'm new to MLP(loving the show very much) and equestria daily as well. I first got into MLP through the fan music such as DJ Pon3(now Scraton- amazing producer) and other artists on Cider Party. The fandom and the content is amazing as well. What do you guys recommend seeing since I'm new to the whole shebang?
  21. Thanks guys I'll definitely check out the comics and yeah the show is awesome- I'm on season 2
  22. The First MLP song that I listened to was by Mantlegen called Arf. I found it on the channel Cider Party and I have to say it was amazing. I love the dubstep sounds and the uniqueness of the song itself. I will say however as far being my favorite artist was DJ Pon3(now Scraton) although a lot of his music wasn't pony related. I recommend listening to his song Astro Pony and Glitch Hoves
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    Look on Cider Party there's a ton of hard hitting music like Dubstep, Glitch Hop, Hybrid Trap, ect. Also Scraton(formerly DJ Pon3) has some awesome stuff though not all are MLP