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  1. Dystaz

    Hello everybody

    I like your way of thinking so welcome have great time here and of course see you on the forum .
  2. Dystaz


    Hey welcome hope you ll have fun here .
  3. Dystaz

    Send the most ridiculous MLP GIFS!

    Exactly though the gif is not working for me too bad .
  4. Dystaz

    Send the most ridiculous MLP GIFS!

    i need to find the same expression with applebloom from the first episode of the S1
  5. Dystaz

    Hey everyone !

    Thanks see ya on the forum nice to meet both of you too ^^ .
  6. Dystaz

    Hey everyone !

    By the way nice to meet both of you ^^ and thanks for the welcome Vinny
  7. Dystaz

    Hey everyone !

    Nah it s not a problem don t worry xD though if you need anything to know about sound physics or mixing i m doing studies on the stuff so i ll be happy to help
  8. Man it s a really good review that you v done here it s really too bad that you re not making something more living i mean there are some images but you should use part of videos that match your arguments it s 25 minutes of non stop talking it s way too much if you want people to watch and take the video seriously you ll really need to organize everything at least make an animation with your oc but you really can t make a serious content like that . I m sorry i f i v been a bit hard but i really hope you ll fix all that because the review it self is amazing . I hope i helped you .
  9. Dystaz

    Insane animation

    xD i seen it so many times still as good as the first time i love it it s smooth music is amazing and animation it s god damn good so if i remember it ? I v just watch it 2 days ago so yeah definitly ^^ .
  10. Dystaz


    Nukedout is right here there are a lot of dubstep music producers on cider party but you should check the little names that aren't as known but don t do something any less better . i can give you some names : like Lucien Musique or L.M he s new channel vylet pony , DJT , Neverlastanding there are a lot you should check Ponies at down too it s awsome i ll give you some links . Hope you ll find something you like ^^
  11. Dystaz

    Hey everyone !

    xD i like your humour sense by the way nice to meet you first sign of life xD . see you around
  12. This was also the first pony video i seen and wow going from comercial radio titles to that track it was amazing and i still have thrills when i listen to it . Love it the synths are spicy and the chords and pads are trippy not mentioning the video itself that remember you how our dear fluttershy got her cutie mark ^^ .
  13. Hello everyone i m Dystaz i m pretty young in the mlp fandom since i discovered the show from a friend just a year ago . So i decided to give the show a shot and i kinda watch all the season 3 times xD i really like it i m just a bit disapointed that i wasn t mature enough to understand what s behind it when i was younger . But anyway i met really awsome people on the fandom in games but not that much when it comes to content creation and i m going to be honest here im a bit shy and i don t really know if creators care of what s in the comments . So now i would like to dive right in and i think EQD is the right place for that i really would like to meet people that can both help me and be good friends . I really want to try to make content like music animation or drawing but not alone . Beside that i m making or at least tweaking music on my computer since now 3 years i already now tons of stuff so i ll be enjoyed to help people for that ^^ . So see you in the forum ^^ i hope it s going to be a great time and even if you re not an artist or somebody who is important that s not a reason for not being an awsome person so i ll be enjoy to meet you and maybe make a new friend By the way i don t think it s really that bad but sorry if my english isn t quite correct .