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  1. Frécinette

    The Banned Game

    Banned because you got a nat 1 for that
  2. Frécinette

    Fallout 76

    Hope we get co-op and multi
  3. Frécinette

    A counting game...With a twist!

    On a side note: For all that time you had that pfp Baka, I just noticed the Tofu on top of that Raichu today
  4. Frécinette

    Hoping to learn more!

    While that's true I suggest we don't use the Discord folks as a representation of what is really the fandom
  5. Frécinette

    A counting game...With a twist!

    I completly forgot about this. Glad to see it was dead in the meantime
  6. hey frecinette I beat saint seiya soldier's soul

    and Hades is a cheap boss

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    2. Frécinette


      Well fighting games aren't supposed to be played offline, they get tiring real quick

    3. Chen Gong

      Chen Gong


      but soldiers soul does offer at least some verity in its offline modes

    4. Chen Gong

      Chen Gong

      well I just got a wii so that's my retro console so I can't wait to see how deep the rabbit hole goes

  7. Frécinette

    Fuck the hackers

    Well not everyone is as patient as you might be and internet's principal use is to spread memes and lolis share info at high speed, so even if you want to dodge spoilers, you'll eventually come across it at some point. What else is there to say except sorry you got spoiled ?
  8. hey frecinette

    i'm ordering a game I really want to play

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    2. Chen Gong

      Chen Gong

      its been on the top of my backlog for 3 years now

    3. Frécinette


      So since it was released then x)

    4. Chen Gong

      Chen Gong

      yeah i'm stoked to play it


  9. That sounds like a pretty cool starter for G5 if you like the idea of continuity.
  10. Refrain from threatening other members, especially when they have done nothing to you.
  11. tfw you necro a thread to argue with someone who's already been banned
  12. Frécinette

    Good news, Bad news.

    BN: Cortana becomes self-conscious and attempts to kill all ponies and humans
  13. Actually, he only does what he thinks is the right thing. No one can take an absolutely objective decision, be it environment or education, you never rely on facts alone to decide.
  14. Meh I dunno. I don't hear anyone seriously complaining about Alicorn Twilight anymore so I wouldn't bet on it.
  15. Yeah no mate, that was definitely sarcasm. But the fact that you take sarcasm as opinion explains so much about your issues though.