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  1. Sapare

    Them's Fightin' Herds!

    Looking forward to this, just backed the game today. I am admittedly not a huge fighting game fan(probably my least favorite genre) but these are people I greatly respect and they deserve to get their shot at making a game.(without Hasbro being no bro) My bests of wishes to them and I am looking eagerly to their progress.
  2. Sapare

    General Left 4 Dead 2 get-together thread

    if you guys plan to do tihs more often then just tonight(which I assume to already have missed) I think I could drop by if I dont forget, best would be to add me on steam under EQFL_Sapare and tell me when you guys plan to play.
  3. Sapare

    League Of Legends

    I only recently(about two weeks ago) started playing league because a friend of mine would not stop pestering me about it. I honestly only have any experience with Ashe and Garen and I am level 7(like I said, still new) but I won't be toxic or yell at anyone at least. My ID is Pearnator.
  4. Sapare

    Friendly Reminder:

    I strongly believe the pants are not dead. They are very much alive and powerful, his video proves it. (I wanted to make it a link but it insists to be a video..)
  5. Sapare


    Assuming the above statements are true and not just made up fabrications: Mind you, I really want to stress that this is just my take on it and a lot of it is conjecture, don't spread this as fact My hypothesis would be that she feels abandoned because MLP FIM was not her "passion project" and left with little to show for it. . Go back to 2011 and remember how Lauren Faust got dragged into making MLP, she was pitching her own project of Milky way and the Galaxy Girls and was offered control over MLP instead. I don't know what the deal or idea was but I think it is reasonable to assume that she hoped that if it was successful she could do Galaxy Girls after. Obviously it was highly successful, so successful that it was not going to end anytime soon. I don't know the details behind why she left the show but once more I would assume she was heading toward doing her passion project. But the reality since then has been, has any one here even looked into Galaxy Girls? The first time I have searched it in years was just now to remind myself what the name was. Lauren Faust shook the world, but with the "wrong" product, I imagine it is very demoralizing to have such a huge success and in the end it leads to nothing but being overshadowed by her own work. For me, I greatly respect Lauren Faust and I am so thankful to her for creating (modern) MLP, for giving us this show and(indirectly) fanbase, and I am confident that any "true" Brony will think the same way about this topic. Maybe it is our fault, maybe we should be giving Lauren Faust more support in whatever she is doing.(again, I don't even know what her current project is, I never found out what she went to do after MLP) But I admit that it is a strange thing to wrap my head around, I have never watched a show or movie because it was made by "this guy" or "that woman", I just watch what triggers my interest. Still, whatever the future or answer may be, I hope Lauren Faust does not grow to resent us for what we represent. It would be unfair to us, and the obvious backlash would be unfair to her. Let us hold a mutually beneficial relationship, one that is mutually destructive. Hopefully I am just completely overthinking things and she really just thinks that we have forgotten her, in which case I am sure she is already seeing her mistake. Still, someone should make some cool animation with Lauren Faust's OC or something, we have done it for less important matters.
  6. Sapare

    Paradox Grand Genocide Simulators

    Ha, you missed March of the Eagles(you could counter argue it isnt Grand Strategy, but it uses the same engine and is in many ways similar) not that I actually played it for more then an hour, so how good/bad it is, idk. I have played EU4, CK2, HoE3, Victoria 2. On list from my personal favorite to least favorite: EU4 CK2 Vic2 HoE3 Honestly, HoE3 was a mess in my opinion, I know my brothers love HoE2 so maybe I just jumped into the series at the wrong time but 3 was neither grand, nor much strategy. (playing default difficulty I conquered Moscow, with Japan, on my first playthrough. The AI was so easy to exploit) Vic 2 was the first Grand Strategy I played, and these days I consider myself a light historian in exactly that time of history.(After Napoleon, till end of WW1). I think as a game it is still rather wonky, many of its systems don't work all that well and the input you have is often vague.(Even after 300 hours I would start a new game and still be unsure why my nation was doing well or poorly) Logically some things were also not quite there. If you wanted to stay a monarchy, good luck, people would rebel against you for no reason other then "we feel like it". (I played a game as Denmark that united Scandinavia, owned half of Africa and gave its people what they wanted, but somehow people still insisted to die in the tens of thousands to overthrow the government. And if I let them do so then there instantly be a counter revolution in the opposite direction because of all the reactionaries, a neverending revolution.) But if you can get passed the sometimes disconnected gameplay and strange logic, it is a game that will teach you so much more about history and the world then class ever did. CK2 was somewhat of a dream come true for me, I remember playing the game for 12 hours(food and such breaks included) going to sleep ,waking up and playing the game more. I never had willing lost myself in a game as much as I did with this one. Why? Because I am a monarchist at heart. I don't think the system is flawless or that the monarchies of old are perfect, but I see so much more value in a man who can lead and shape his kingdom and people with a vision and a goal, then a man who has 4 years to appease the population enough to get another 4 years. The game perfectly encapsulated so much more of what monarchies are all about than 90% of people ever understand. It is not one man who rules everyone and no one questions him or his actions. Its a lot of people who want power but have to step lightly because all power is based on how much the other people respect, or at least accept, you. No king has power without his barons respect, no baron without his lords and so on. In a strange but fascinating way, it is a system of checks and balances, simply by the nature of people judging your every action. EU4 is on the top of the list simply because it is the best "game", it is the game I would tell people to pick up if they asked me which of the paradox games to play. It is simple enough to understand, but has the depth of any of the other games. Sadly my opinion of it is a little unclear atm because they updated the game and broke my save file and since then I stopped playing. As such I don't know how much they changed and how well received the newest changes have been, but normally I do not see Paradox making a good game worse. It also encompasses the whole world(well, mostly) and there is always something very appealing to the idea of scale it gives you. No matter where you are and what you are doing, history is unfolding around you, nations you never talked to and don't interact with are having their own conflicts and their own progress. As a general note to all the paradox games listed here(other then maybe HoE3 and the less known ones), the reason I consider them so powerful is that they truly teach you something history books, documentaries and other media often can not. You can read about the French revolution, about the reaction of other nations and that they tried to put an end to it, but for most of us the reasons will be lost do to the abstractness of it all. We look at these things not from a view that is accurate to that time in history, we look at them with today's morals and ideals. We look at the revolution and comment on how bloody it was, not that it represented a very real threat to the established order of Europe(and the wider world) at that time. But when you play those games and are placed in this world, get used to how the world acts(and reacts) to actions and events, it gives you a different view and some insight. So, when someone says video games can not teach history, I will strongly disagree. Should they be your only source? No. A primary source?(Though I think these are overvalued as their accuracy is based on the author of it) No. But do they hold their own value and importance in forming a rounded opinion? Very much yes. History class won't teach you that the American's sunk countless Japanese trade ships with submarines in WW2, but a game that is focused on making a balanced and accurate representation of a war will. Sad, funny, but true.
  7. Sapare

    Why did you join the fandom?

    Seems like a fair enough question to ask people, I'll join in and give this a bump. I am twenty guy who lived half his life in Germany and his 2nd half in Canada. I got into the fanbase September the 15th of 2011. The date is so precise because I remember binge watching all the episodes in two sittings and then finding out the next season starts tomorrow. The first time i heard of the show was a while before that but I simply did not have the interest/time to watch it till then.(and it was not really a case of "oh its a girls show, why?" I had been a furry for a number of years at that point and I was not judging, I just simply did not care.) Once I started watching the show and getting into the fanbase I pretty quickly switched to consider myself a Brony and have done so since. These days I barely ever listen to music that is not Brony, or read something that is not Brony, or generally do anything that is not in some way or form related to ponies. The exception being video games, which there is not enough pony content to keep a full schedule. Over the years I have written fanfictions, made a Brony club for my highschool(that was over 3 years ago now.. heh), made videos on too many pony games to count, did readings on some fanfictions and read a lot more on my own time, and helped create a Brony clan on Steam for a game called Mount and Blade.
  8. Sapare

    Hi there :3

    Hello there. And if i may give my own answer to the above question, ponies.