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  1. Do you still like Celestia?

    Yes I am. In fact, anything that intrudes upon my view will be marked for permanent destruction. If only you could understand just how much I feel threatened because I'm among the few in the world who likes Celestia. But then, you already do. But I know for a fact the vast millions of bronies hate her. If burning bridges is the price for liking her for who she is, SO BE IT. I'm content to live like that.
  2. Do you still like Celestia?

    Well anyway since you spoke your final word on this, you and I are through on this.
  3. I have seen fan work. A lot of it. But as much as I enjoy it, it's only a temporary respite. In the end, all this bile I've spouted points to one person who has ruined my enjoyment because he forces politics in everything. Now I'll leave it to you if you want to ask me who this person is.
  4. Do you still like Celestia?

    Then let's settle this. Is Celestia ok or not? No explanations nothing else. just a yes or no. I like her the way she was and is, period.
  5. @GlitterCatWell it DOES NOT AFFECT ME. I have never been in any of those highly intense conflicts as the rest of the world, and they have never personally affected me in any way. The way I've experienced it, everyone involved in politics separates humanity into three groups. 1) The ones pushing for whatever change 2) Opponents resisting the change 3) People and bystanders who don't care at all and refuse to be participants/third wheels. I am of the third. The ones in the first 2 groups are obviously against each other. But they also attack the bystanders and non-participants because while the 3rd group repeatedly calls itself "innocent" and/or "neutral", the participants in politics will also look down on them as inferior because they accuse the non-participants of choosing to be ignorant and refusing to actively participate in changing the world for the better. At best, participants will constantly try to make bystanders be interested in joining whatever cause is ongoing. In fact, in some cases bystanders, and personally myself, will get very annoyed in being in politics, in which they have no interest in. At worst, participants will violently force bystanders to join, by threat or by death. Now, as for you @Dark Qiviut, I'll be honest by saying you're one of the last people I expect to reply to someone like me who is completely fed up with politics. I've already seen some of your accusations towards the show, notably: Military hazing in Newbie Dash, Sexual harassment in Hard to Say Anything, Harassment of individuals in Fame and Misfortune I've seen how you think and debate, and I'll be frank by saying this: I'm tired of living in your shadow. For my entire life I watched MLP I have watched it like an innocent child would. And I WAS HAPPY then. But then others have to inject politics in light-hearted shows, which really pissed me off. That's one reason why I left the show for 2 years: because I'm sick of people trying to force me into political discussions in the show. It's like me being forced to argue on behalf of Democrats or Republicans (both parties which I completely hate). I've been seeking the chance to tell you @Dark Qiviut, how I really feel but I always don't because, knowing you from a distance, you will completely destroy every single last argument I can come up with. In short, I lived in total fear under your shadow. I'm flat out terrified of you. I'm not joking. As a matter of fact, I've been afraid of even my own thoughts on the show because I end up taking your word as law. You're clearly the superior one among all of us, having unequaled debating skills, winning every single argument that comes your way, and making me hate myself. Well not anymore. I'm fucking done with putting up with this. So I'm going to have my own retorts against your statements. 1. Or how about some writers seeing and knowing politics but not choosing to include them because they don't want to be partial to anybody? Or how about some writers having no knowledge in politics and not touching on that topic at all? 2. Why would I pretend politics are non-existent when I know there never were in MLP since the beginning? I seriously hate you saying that entertainment is politics because now it's like you're saying that my sole existence = politics. Why do you even care so much about politics anyway? What, are you insisting on becoming a head of state or some other powerful position? You will never understand all the resentment I have felt for all those years as I type this right now, and I do expect you to say that my emotions are blinding me. Go ahead and destroy my arguments.Go and say that by choosing to stay out of politics, I am a truly evil person that must be eliminated. I know you see me as an inferior being because I refuse to see the objective truth.
  6. Do you still like Celestia?

    Go and call me a troll, but in the end, this is how I react, because remember, unlikely will never mean impossible. And you're right. We're done here. For good.
  7. I always ask myself: why do you even bother replying to me? Is it because you  pity me or do you wish you could shut me up by being nice?

  8. It's best that I don't talk in person to any other human.

  9. One too many times, I've seen the following topics and terms pop up and be explored in the show: feminism gender roles conservatism liberalism communism political correctness socially inoffensive the show's intended demographics "for little girls/boys" censorship/freedom of speech nationality race Look at aaargh Zombies here: https://www.equestriadaily.com/2018/03/this-is-target-market-little-girl-super.html#more Is it seriously required by some law, written or not, to actually discuss politics and those huge social issues? Because frankly you will never get me to care about them.
  10. Do you still like Celestia?

    Then I suppose that won't apply to that woman who tried to kill everyone at Youtube HQ. I've seen her reasons why she did it. I am very sure that one day, someone, either a fan of MLP or some other popular TV show or movie franchise WILL inevitably do that. You should NEVER just brush that off just because you say it's very unlikely it'll happen. Tell that to everyone on EQD who unanimously agree that Twilight is boring now, and completely horrible at doing her Princess job and deserves to be written off the show abruptly. Tell that to people like aaargh Zombies here (https://www.equestriadaily.com/2018/03/this-is-target-market-little-girl-super.html#more) ) who say that g5 is politically correct and socially inoffensive. Tell that to everyone who tries to inject politics like feminism, LGBT rights, conservatism, liberalism, gender roles and all the rest of that nonsense into the show Then since I established my thoughts to you clearly, you better not try to pursue with making me see Celestia in any other different way than what I repeatedly said, because otherwise I'm done here with you. @Number95Then I suppose I'm done with speaking to you here, if at all.
  11. Do you still like Celestia?

    Then I suppose that explains why bronies always plot to confront every single staff member to have Starlight killed off graphically in some way because everyone hated her backstory in season 5 and every episode involving her that followed. Or to violently retaliate for Fame and Misfortune or for Spike being wasted all the time even with his good episodes. Or Twi being completely uninteresting now and having her be a unicorn again so she'll be returned to her former more interesting self because people say she was never worthy of her new, current role because she screws up all the time. (Hey I have an idea! Why not have fans call her (Twi and Celestia) Princess of Screwing-Up-Everything? That will certainly gain the writers' attention and make her the way the fans want her! Yeah and I'm being sarcastic here.) Why cannot both sides just come to one agreement and be done with all the warring already? Then maybe you shouldn't believe it is unpopular. You should KNOW it is unpopular. Are you even the least bit aware of that? Or is it I'm wrong again? And don't you dare try to counter me by using the "popular-isn't-always-right-sometimes-it's-the-unpopular-who-were-right-all-along" statement. I AM NOT TRYING TO ATTACK YOUR VIEW NOR DO I WANT MY THOUGHT ON CELESTIA TO BE BETTER THAN YOURS. I just want people to say that my shallow say on her is acceptable and that I want people to stop telling me to get into debates and justify the reasons why I like her, ok? I want to be forever kept out of those debates and arguments and never be involved, ok? To repeat once again, what I said applies to this: I LIKE CELESTIA BECAUSE OF HER BENEVOLENT PERSONALITY. I DON'T GIVE A FK IF SHE'S DEFEATED EVERYTIME. I DON'T GIVE A FK IF SHE'S THE DAMSEL IN DISTRESS. (Added: I DON'T CARE IF SHE IS A HORRIBLE INCAPABLE RULER. I DON'T CARE IF SHE IS TRULY A TROLL.) THE ONLY THING THAT REMAINS IN MY MIND IS HER KIND, MOTHERLY PERSONALITY. Honestly, I was expecting you to be the total opposite of happy because I gave shallow reasons why I liked her and didn't justify those reasons. You clearly have superior debating skills than I ever will have, so why do you even call yourself a nobody when you know your skills will win you everything? And about you winning the argument but gaining nothing. Isn't the mere fact that you won already something to be recognized? Haven't you actually gained something? That something being some degree of satisfaction, knowing that your pride/ego about winning the debate about who Celestia truly is is assured and validated? In your case she having wasted potential and opportunity and objectively abysmal portrayals at every single instance and for every episode, including the series' beginning, Canterlot Wedding, Magical Mystery Cure, Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep, To Where and Back Again Celestial Advice, Royal Problem and Horse Play? And your last part: Don't you ever feel some need to really drill your words until you're the last one standing? The harsh truth is that there is no such thing as "everyone's a winner." There can only ever be one who actually, successfully discerns the truth of what Celestia is, because if everyone's say were really considered like you 3, then that truth of what Celestia objectively is is completely destroyed. As in, there is no value to that truth anymore. Even if I were involved in this circle, then why would you or anyone still respect my completely shallow words about her that are seen as a waste of time? Why would you try so hard to be modest by saying my words about her are acceptable? Why would you be content that I only see her because of her positives and not her negatives? Is it that you're trying so hard not to embarrass yourself and/or not hurting my feelings?
  12. Do you still like Celestia?

    @Number95@Metemponychosis@Thrond To repeat my say as I did to @Friendship is Horses: I LIKE CELESTIA BECAUSE OF HER BENEVOLENT PERSONALITY. I DON'T GIVE A FK IF SHE'S DEFEATED EVERYTIME. I DON'T GIVE A FK IF SHE'S THE DAMSEL IN DISTRESS. THE ONLY THING THAT REMAINS IN MY MIND IS HER KIND PERSONALITY. Now I that I've said what I think, go ahead and force an answer out of me.
  13. Do you still like Celestia?

    @Number95Then go and say that all those recent eps where Celestia finally got focus have all been wasted. If she is a lost cause to you, then I'll admit defeat to you and say she is indeed a lost cause. In fact, she always was ever since the show's inception. Go say that Celestial Advice, Royal Problem and possibly Horse Play were the last chances the writers had to make Celestia grand for you and that they fked it up for the last time for you. And I'll also admit that my view of liking Celestia the way she is now is completely wrong, if it makes you more happy. You've already proven that you've won this argument and I lost pathetically, so I'm throwing in the towel for you. I am seriously getting the implication that you think I am somehow putting up a front. I don't feel I can't disprove you. I KNOW I can't disprove you. I am horrible at arguments because I have tried to be as non-confrontational as possible, yet people force me to defend my point when I don't want to because I never wanted to be in arguments in the first place. I've been pushed over the brink to the point where I say "That's it. My patience for this is done." And just how do you even know that this "fiction or art work" is about perception or interpretation? Because this is like in DC or Marvel. Every fan claws at each other to find only one objective canonicity. That also applies to MLP. And why do you even bother saying I shouldn't care about what you think or what everyone else thinks about her? Because over the many times I did that before, I received threats and blackmails for not agreeing to the norm. You want to know what I think? FINE THEN I'LL GIVE IT YOU. I LIKE CELESTIA BECAUSE OF HER BENEVOLENT PERSONALITY. I DON'T GIVE A FK IF SHE'S DEFEATED EVERYTIME. I DON'T GIVE A FK IF SHE'S THE DAMSEL IN DISTRESS. THE ONLY THING THAT REMAINS IN MY MIND IS HER KIND PERSONALITY. Now go and think if my say is not worth disproving. Now go and say my thought on her is subjective. Or is it my say on her is an exception and that it deserves to be disproven because it's completely unfounded and sounds like these are words that can only come from the mouth of a crazy person? Or if I'm on some substance and it's affecting my brain? And another thing. Even if I encountered the same definition for worfing, IT STILL MAKES NO SENSE TO ME. EVER.
  14. Do you still like Celestia?

    Then why do you waste time hoping that something good will happen to her? Just assume that she already means nothing to you since you say that the writers won't care about her at all. Just leave her on a bad note already.
  15. Do you still like Celestia?

    Why don't you just leave off? You're now in my perma-ignore list. GB 4ever