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  1. DragonicBladex

    Just finished an OC.

    It's meh, spent a few days on it, think of it what you will.
  2. Hi guys! I just made an MLP discord server and would be happy to chat to you all on it. The link is here: discord.gg/sDTHDX6 Have fun and I hope you join! :D. (If posting discord servers isn't allowed here please tell me so that I can hide this post)
  3. DragonicBladex

    How much do you apreciate MLP ?

    Well I haven't watched the show yet but I love fan content especially music so I'm just going to vote for what I currently think before I've watched the show.
  4. DragonicBladex


    Makes sense.
  5. DragonicBladex


    @AaronMk Does weeb anime character count?
  6. DragonicBladex


    Just made an account hi.