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  1. Maybe you need to stop being grouchy and stop assuming that the G4 ponies having a small role in what the G5 world has become is somehow going to “ruin” G4’s legacy.
  2. Sparity4Ever

    Another MLP:FIM review thread

    Good lord, could you be any pickier? None of these complaints, especially against some of the most popular episodes amount to anything more than being mad that it didn’t happen the way your headcanon wanted it to rather than legit complaints. So stupid.
  3. Yeah, she definitely has more depth and overall character in the comics, especially if you count the Reflections arc. That arc had so much depth and was also incredibly sad, especially towards the end. One of my favorite stories to come from the whole series, comics OR show-wise.
  4. Why do people hate it at all? Frankly, because they're morons, who have likely only watched a few episodes at most. I've seen the claims that the characters are all stereotypes and that the plots are all the same "something happens between the characters and they learn a lesson at the end" plot. But anyone who's given it a real chance knows that they eventually do develop beyond their stereotypes, have plenty of unique traits to keep them from being complete stereotypes even before we start seeing real development, and that the plots aren't as identical as they're trying to claim they are. Unless they think that all shows that follow a slice-of-life and life lesson formula are like that. Bunch of picky idiots that need to open their mind a bit more. People hate it for what it is now for the same reason people hate newer seasons of other shows like The Simpsons and Spongebob. The newer episodes (supposedly) don't have the "classic" feel to them, and certain changes, such as alicorn Twilight "ruined" the show. They're so caught up in their bias and cherry picking and wanting the show to go back to its old ways, they'll even find excuses to hate on awesomeness such as Twilight's Kingdom. They'll also ignore that those later seasons did a lot of world building, and continued to develop the mane six by further exploring their dreams/goals. I even mentioned in another topic why I feel like characters like Thorax actually add some freshness to the show. That's my two cents anyway.
  5. Sparity4Ever

    How much do you apreciate MLP ?

    It's my current favorite cartoon right now, although some cartoons, most namely ones from the 90s, definitely come close. Honestly, the only people who truly hate this show and claim it's childish crap are the ones that have never watched it, or at most, have watched a select few episodes, usually from season 1, and conclude that that's enough to fully judge it. Bunch of hooey and ignorance, that's for sure! Also, unlike many, I think characters like Starlight and Thorax have actually added a lot to the show. I don't see what a lot of people's complaints against them are. For instance, Starlight reminds me of Twilight back when she was still learning about friendship, yet she seems to get hate for every time she makes a mistake, even though Twilight made plenty of her own back in the day. I also like Thorax because I felt that he put a unique twist on the whole changeling deal and had his own unique personality, refusing to steal love from others and ultimately getting the other changelings to share it. As opposed to being just another no-personality changeling whose only purpose was to serve their queen and feed off love and nothing more than that, and keeping the rest of them eternally like that. They definitely gained personality after their transformation, and we can see that in episodes like To Change a Changeling.
  6. Sparity4Ever

    Reforming villains.

    Go ahead and call me crazy if you will, but as far as villain reforming goes, I actually very much liked the way they reformed Sombra in the comics and liked Radiant Hope as a character. To this day, I still don't understand the hate it gets, and gave my full thoughts about that arc in the comics sub-forum. I will agree, however, that Chrysalis and Tirek simply can't be reformed and shouldn't be. Especially Tirek. I mean, he's pretty much a demon, that would make like no sense whatsoever, and wouldn't work no matter how they tried to go about it.
  7. Sparity4Ever

    What's Your Least Favorite Comic Arc/Issue?

    Call me crazy, but am I the only one that doesn't understand the hate Siege of the Crystal Empire gets? Radiant Hope was neither helpless nor incompetent imo. The Umbrum had deceived her into thinking that they simply wanted freedom, and it's easy to see how she was deceived, considering they were her (supposedly) imaginary friends from her childhood and who she went to after betraying Sombra. As a result, she wanted Cadance to believe that they were good too, which she almost did believe, until they revealed their true selves when Cadance used her magic. As a result of this realization, she tried to warn Sombra of who and what they really are just as he's about to free them, and ultimately convinces him that his destiny didn't have to be predetermined by what he saw, as she gave up her own for him, which I found to be very sweet. So I'm really not seeing where this arc went wrong or how it was so terrible. The Umbrum deceived her and Sombra both since their childhood. With that considered, it seems neither illogical nor unrealistic that she both wanted to free her friend and convince the others to believe what the Umbrum had told her (that they just wanted freedom). I suppose one could argue that there should have been more to Sombra reforming simply because Hope told him that she gave up her destiny for him, which I suppose I semi-agree with, but I still found it to be sweet regardless, and far from the worst reformation ever, and likewise, this arc is far from the trainwreck that many fans treat it as. I'm also disappointed to see that some people mentioned not liking Reflections. I thought that was a wonderful arc too. But thankfully, it seems to have significantly less hate overall. Honestly, the only arc I can say I didn't like was The Good, The Bad and The Ponies. Most of the rest are anywhere from great to "meh" at the worst for me. Yeah I know my reply is 5 months late, but so was the last reply, so whatever.