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    Derpy: The number one leading cause of Diabeetus. :3
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    Hello! Been around the fandom for a while myself, but only joined this site yesterday. Hope you have a good time. :3
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    Hello there. :3
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    PAYDAY 2: Ask anything, learn everything

    It really does depend on what kind of build you're running. Run & Gun is a general 10% speed increase overall, while Shinobi, as it has already been stated, only increases your walking and crouch-walking speed, ergo it's only ever in effect in these cases. If you're going to spend a lot of time crouching or carrying heavy loot then Shinobi is something worth investing in, as you'll spend more time walking or crouching than sprinting. Shinobi also doesn't seem to register on armor stats while Run & Gun does. It's theorized that since Run & Gun is constantly active, while Shinobi isn't it doesn't register on armor stats. Either way, I tend to pick up the both of them for most of my builds, as it SEEMS that they stack (Don't quote me on that, it just feels that way for me), and I spend a lot of time alternating between crouch-walking and pegging it between cover points. Having both ensures that maximum movement speed is maintained at all times, plus the basic versions are only one point in their respective trees. Nice skills to spend any straggling skill points on.
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    PAYDAY 2: Ask anything, learn everything

    For most, if not all builds, you'll want to ace Endurance in the Mastermind tree, Transporter in the Enforcer tree and Sprinter and Fast Hands and in the Ghost tree, if at all possible. These are your basic bread-and-butter skills that just make your heisting life easier. As for skill trees to start with, I'd recommend Mastermind and Enforcer. Most of the Technician's skills are context-sensitive at best, with the really useful skills restricted to Tier 6. It's not worth the skill points to reach them until your comfortable with building your skill trees for specific heists. Turrets are really bad unless you focus on them, and Trip Mines are better used as C4 Charges to blow doors open, once you've gotten Shaped Charge Aced. Iron Man can be an excellent investment. However, since it's a Tier 6 skill it requires some building around it to maximize effectiveness. You won't be able to run around the map anywhere near as fast, but you'll be soaking up damage like a sponge. Here's a basic MasterForcer build which focuses on Shotguns and Iron Man (It's DLC free too, in case you don't have any): http://pd2skills.com/#/v3/mSNMHJFCDa:erokLHIjEFgDa:tda:ghECda:fbda:pM8::w41-19-35-14-1-5-10-8-44-39:s37-26-38-23-19-7-47-43-1-15:a7 Hope it gives you an idea or two as to what you want to focus on. Feel free to edit the build as you see fit. Happy Heisting. :3
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    PAYDAY 2: Ask anything, learn everything

    Ha, never have truer words been spoken! I agree that Loud is where the majority of fun is in this game and Stealth is literally relying on pot luck that a guard won't be looking you in the eyes the moment you turn a corner. Still, I love experimenting with Loud builds, and I've been contemplating attempting to build a pure melee skill build focused on Jiro's Shinsakuto Katana. Chopping up Cloakers still isn't getting old. :3
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    PAYDAY 2: Ask anything, learn everything

    I'm not exactly a scrub (Infamy 6), but I have next to no experience in Stealthing most of the new heists (Golden Grin and The Alesso Heist being a couple of them.) Don't suppose I could pick up some tips and tricks too, eh?
  9. ... If not, too bad. You clicked on this topic, so you found a snarky Brit by the name of Fellow_Joel. If you were expecting anything else, then you were sadly mistaken. I mostly play PAYDAY 2 and Age of Empires 2 on Steam, although I do own plenty of other games (187 at time of posting), so I've probably got something that has multiplayer function... Probably. More of a co-op focused player myself, although if you've got a team and need a warm body to fill the ranks, and I just so happen to own whatever game you're running, then by all means give us a holler. Might actually get me into it, and once I get stuck in, I really get stuck in. Active a majority of the time I'm on Steam. Just shout at us if you fancy some playing something. The only times I'm not available is either when I'm at college or doing college-related things, out-and-about and I just so happen to have an internet connection, or if out ISP derps and drops our connection, the final situation normally being resolved via introducing honey badgers to the delicate areas of those who have performed inadequately (in my dreams, that is. There's no love nor extremities lost between me and our ISP, despite desires pointing towards the contrary.) Anyways, that's my little introduction/rant over. Hope to see some friendly faces and make some new friends. I shall now leave you with a tiny Derpy chasing a mouse cursor. Enjoy. :3