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  1. Are there any bronies in the state of Virginia, specifically near or in the town of Blacksburg?

    About 4-5 years ago, I attended a small group of bronies over at Virginia Tech, the college I live near and work in one of the food courts at, every Saturday from 6-8pm. I haven't attended in several years, and I don't know if they're still doing it or not. The only member of the group that I still know of is Blank Check (his YouTube channel), but we're barely even acquaintances since we never really talked to each other.

    If anypony out there are near or in the Blacksburg area, maybe we could arrange a meetup and do, brony things, such as talk about the show, it's characters and theme, do art, discuss out headcanons and our OCs and fanfics, etc. You know, fun stuff. :mlp_yeehaa:

    I believe gathering fellow bronies/pegasisters and forming new friendships would be good for all of us, especially me because I'm usually in my room on the computer all day if I'm not at work, and that's not good for my mental health, considering it's been going downhill for years due to my mother's abuse. :worry:

  2. 13 minutes ago, Fintale said:

    It's more acceptable to drink if the bottle is cute or small or pink or <insert any positive characteristic here>. It makes you feel more like a victim instead of an alcohol. Personally, I drink mostly beer to keep my drinking problem at a manageable level. Today, my excuse to get drunk is Friday. Besides, I haven't gotten drunk in the middle of the week at all this week, which makes it even more justified. :good:

    How does drinking alcohol from a "cute" or small bottle make you feel more like a victim than "an alcohol"? I'm a little confused, here. :confused:

  3. 50 minutes ago, Fintale said:

    Beer is like smoothie compared to Jack Daniel's. Even though the strong taste is not one of my favorites, it's pretty hard not to drink too fast and way too much. The hangover can also be a real nightmare. I guess it's okay if you can drink sophisticated and small quantities.

    I'm desensitized to it's smell by now. I'm hoping I'll get used to the taste. I want to share some of the Tennessee Honey Jack Daniel's with a friend of mine. :squee:


    50 minutes ago, Fintale said:

    Sounds like something that alcohol might say. :sadpie:

    What do you mean? :confused:

  4. Hey, call Berry Punch because I'm talking about booze! :pinkie:

    Later today, I'll be going to my local liquor store, Virginia ABC, and I'll be getting some good old-fashioned Jack Daniel's Old No.7:mlp_yeehaa:
    Stuff's been around for 153 years, ever since 1866. Stuff must be doing something right for it to be sticking around for this long. :ooh:
    Instead of getting a 750ml (¾lt) bottle, I'll be getting a 50ml bottle to sample it (hopefully they'll have it). This adorable thing:
    That bottle is just too cute! :mlp_icwudt:
    I have heard good things about this stuff, and I'm hoping it's worth it.

    Have any of you had Old No.7 before? If so, how was it?
    Can you tell me if it has that disgusting, bitter alcohol taste that beer and wine have? :mlp_gag: I'm hoping it doesn't.
    My first beer was a Blue Moon, BTW. Had it on my 21st B-Day. 

  5. 21 hours ago, leonbrony17 said:

    Holy fuck, how haven't I seen this yet up until now?


    As one of the biggest Nightmare Moon fans on the planet, I find your theory really interesting.


    The "Celestia murdered Luna, put in a clone on her place, and disguised herself as Nightmare Moon" part felt like pretty big stretch, though.


    But the part about Celestia being the selfish and evil one who just doesn't want to give up her role as worshiped leader and princess was really good.


    I'll probably make a second post here where I go more into the details about my thoughts on your theory because, right now, I'm really tired.


    Overall, good theory. Some parts are a bit much, but I'm glad I found this thread, and I'll definitely come back to it.

    I'm glad you enjoyed my theory. -hugs- /)

    When I told a friend of mine this theory, they linked me to this. This issue proves Celestia is a know-it-all.


    And if you're interested in hearing my other MLP theories, I'd be more than happy to share.



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  6. 7 minutes ago, Metemponychosis said:

    Let me guess, Luna fan.

    I am a Luna fan, yes, but that's not what fueled this.

    Celestia basically mentally abused Luna for not letter her get any recognition and pushing her aside. Luna's rebellion and transforming into Nightmare Noon was simply exaggerated by Celestia in the story to make her look more villainous. All Luna was during was standing up for herself, maybe even giving her a taste of her own medicine, too.

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  7. You remember the Mare in the Moon story we're told at the very start of the show? Well, I have a theory that will expose it as a lie...

    What were we told from the story? Celestia and Luna were 2 sisters that raised and lowered the Sun and Moon, but Luna became jealous because she wasn't getting any attention and decided to not lower the Moon one night. After that, she became Nightmare Moon, and Celestia reluctantly used the Elements of Harmony to banish Nightmare Moon on the Moon for 1000 years, and the show starts one the 1000th year.


    I don't think this is actually true. No, I believe Celestia told everypony this reverse. :dash:


    If you pay attention to Celestia's behavior and mentality while interacting with Luna throughout the series, she seems to have a know-it-all and "I come first" attitude. It implies that Celestia pushes Luna aside while she gets the spotlight. If you take this and apply it with my theory that Celestia is using the concept of friendship to brainwash and indoctrinate everypony to expand her kingdom, then you can see that Celestia is pretty arrogant, manipulative, and controlling.
    So, when you look at the Mare in the Moon story from Luna's point of view, all she wanted was some of the attention and some credit, but the ponies did their thing during the day while sleeping during the night. It's clear that Luna felt left out and unappreciated. Remember when the story said that Luna wanted the night to last forever and turned evil when she refused to listen to Celestia? The story is making Luna look like a spoiled brat for not getting her way. Doesn't it seem like the story is trying to make Luna look like the bad guy while glorifying Celetsia at the same time? I think Celestia herself wrote the Mare in the Moon story, and she did it in a way that will make her look good and Luna bad. This gives off the impression to the story's readers that Celestia is the superior princess and the one you need to trust, and this, in turn, will make everypony discredit and disregard Luna.


    I could leave this here, but I think there's more to this. What if the Luna we've seen isn't the real Luna? What if...the original Luna was murdered by Celestia?
    "Oh, buck off, there's no way that Celestia would do something like this!
    :glimmer:" you Celestia fans out there, but just hear me out, here.


    When Luna refused to lower the Moon, the story claimed she was being a brat, but she was trying to stand up for herself from Celestia's mental abuse towards her. After Luna transformed herself into Nightmare Moon, Celestia realized that she wasn't gonna stay submissive and obedient to her authority anymore, so she decided to murder Luna to make sure her authority and rule wouldn't be challenged or overthrown. After the murder, Celestia told everypony that Luna went rogue, but this was a story she used to gain the trust and support from her subjects. So, Celestia basically covered up Luna's murder in order to protect her reputation and to keep her power. Celestia knew that somepony could eventually figure out the conspiracy, so she decided to make a clone of Luna as a fail-safe so she wouldn't be found out. When the events of the first 2 episodes took place, it was time for Celestia to fake Nightmare Moon's return. Remember when Celestia seem to disappear and Nightmare Moon appeared? I believe that the Nightmare Moon we see in those first 2 episodes was really Celestia in disguise. This explains why Celestia was missing without any trace or explanation. When Nightmare Moon was defeated, Celestia put the Luna clone in her place, and she reappeared, making it look like she was released from where Nightmare Moon supposedly banished her to. The idea that Nightmare Moon was Celestia in disguise makes sense because, after Nightmare Moon was defeated, she appeared out of nowhere. Again, we're giving NO explanation for how Celestia supposedly disappeared by Nightmare Moon and where she was. It makes all of this seem to be a set up. And did you ever notice how easily Nightmare Moon was defeated? I mean, she didn't even put up a fight. And all the damage she made was easily reversible.


    Now, where does the "told on reverse" bit come in?
    Celestia didn't want competition from her sister when it came to ruling Equestria. Luna was the one who was trying to reason with Celestia about sharing the rule 50-50, but Celestia wasn't about to give any of it up. This is what the "Luna refused to lower the Moon to make room for the day" bit was really; it was a metaphor of one not sharing the power with the co-ruler and keeping it to themselves. The Mare in the Moon story shifted this aspect onto Luna, to make her look like the corrupted one.

    The Luna clone (the Luna we see in the show) was given the false memory that was the Mare in the Moon story by Celestia to make sure that the lie wouldn't be exposed, and her agenda would continue to be fulfilled without interruption...


    What do you think of this theory? :fluttershy:

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  8. Hello, everypony! I'm new here, and it's nice to meet other bronies on the internet. :awesomedash:

    I've been a brony since my sophomore year of high school, back in 2013. I was introduced to it by some friends I sat with at lunch, and I fell in love with it ever since. If I never became a brony in the first place, I wouldn't have as many friends as I do now, and I would still be in my shell and more asocial.

    Ask me anything you wanna know about me, if you want to. :lunaslurp:


    Oh, and Happy Hearth's-Warming!

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