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  1. Happened to be watching 5e09 last night, for no readily obvious reason. I hadn't previously noticed something in the shot where the camera pans across the crowd during the wedding scene:




    There's The Dude, there's Walter... and there's an empty chair where Donny should be. 

    That was kind of touching. 

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  2. I should be there right now. 


    I have a ticket, I bought it last year. Been looking forward to this for months. 


    Instead, I'm at work. Three of my employees have been out for a week (one in the hospital, one on jury duty, one on temporary assignment to the news department), and we're massively backlogged at the TV station. And since the new production control room has to be online by the end of the month, here we are.


    I so wanted to hear Faust, and to attend the screening of the new Anthology...

  3. MLP has gone 100%, completely mainstream:




    For those who don't follow politics in the US, this is a political cartoon published in mainstream media outlets which pokes fun at US presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton (wife of former US president Bill Clinton) who is one of the front-running candidates for next year's election. She's been the subject of considerable criticism lately due mostly to some less-than-entirely-truthful statements. 


    Cartoons such as this which present political figures in charicature are extremely common, but this is the first one I've seen which actually used MLP as source material. 

  4. Trick question. Sentries are genderless. 





    Bake the pizza on a stone with cornmeal underneath, or in a pan over olive oil? 


    (This is something I've been experimenting with of late. Assume dough consisting of nothing but tipo 00 flour, water, a pinch of sugar and proofed active yeast, stretched thin, with a spicy homemade tomato sauce and a blend of mozzarella, romano, and parmesan cheeses,)


  5. Sunny. My bike has rim brakes, which suck when wet. Plus, arriving at work completely soaked sucks, and the alternative is the 4 train, which sucks only marginally less. Particularly in the summertime, when they crank the heat in the tunnels up to "Cambodia."

    Same answer for when I lived in the 'burbs and commuted. Rainy = I have to put the top up on the car. 



    Germany or Austria? 

  6. Windows laptop. You can't run real applications on a Chromebook. 


    (Though I still vastly prefer a traditional desktop PC for "serious" computing. Laptops are for lounging casually on the sofa, carrying up to the roof to plug into the satellite uplink modulator, etc.) 


    1985 or 2015?

  7. ...can you discern at about what point humanity (or at least those working in print media) fails? 

    As someone who works in news (broadcast, rather than print, WPIX-TV in NYC), I'll be the first to admit that we sometimes skim over little details in the rush to get to air. 


    I can absolutely, 100% guarantee you that the Star Wars advert was part of a layout template that had been created a day or two before press time, and that in the rush to get copy to press, someone just didn't have time to reformat the page. 


    That said, this whole affair is eerie as hell. 


    Presupposing certain facts not yet in evidence, ISIS has retaliated against France for the killing of a British citizen, in Syria, by Americans. The concept of statehood is starting to seem irrelevant. 


    For those in the US not familiar with the history of the Revolutionary War, do some googling. One country, in particular, supported the US in the war against Britain. That country stood in solidarity with the US after the 9/11 attacks, in which I lost a colleague and co-worker who was on duty at 1 WTC. 




    And tonight, on my way home from work, I saw the French flag flying in lights on the mast of the new 1 World Trade:






    I get a weird, spooky, difficult-to-articulate vibe about this.














  8. Also, we need to ensure that the maps running are popular stock maps for the first little while or so and switching to custom later and then switching back to atock if the server population dips. 

    ^ This. 


    I think we grew a little too fast, a little too soon. It's all fine and well to say "we have three servers," but as I write this, all three of them are sitting empty. I don't think I've ever seen more than one of them have any significant activity at any given time, and I've never encountered a full server.


    And you're spot-on that "weird" maps, while novel at first, often fail to provide a meaningful gaming experience and wind up becoming derp-fests. That sort of behavior drives me right out of any server. 


    In all seriousness, I'd like to propose that we consider temporarily suspending two of them, and making the one that remains a stock-map-only server. That will help us to get some pub inflow, keep the regulars focused in one place and keep players interested. The idea of scheduling events and sending notifications also has merit. 


    And don't be too eager to criticize randoms. (I'm speaking to everyone here, not you, User.) Sure, not everyone who logs into the server from the TF2 server search screen will be a good fit, but being randomly placed on the PF2 server several years ago is how I discovered the whole MLP community in the first place. 




    Could we lock this thread? I don't we need anymore negative responses...

    I want you to understand that I'm not saying this as a personal criticism or attack, but please don't try to turn FiG into The Round Stable. Civil discourse necessarily entails dissenting opinions. Thus far, it's been mostly mature and reasonable. Thread censorship just isn't cool. 

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  9. Coma, of course. The vast majority of coma patients regain consciousness and functionality after only a few days or weeks. The prognosis for patients suffering from death is rather less optimistic. 


    Unix or VMS? 

    (And not that pansy Linux shit, either. System V running on big iron.)

  10. Not particularly impassioned in the unicorn-vs-nonunicorn issue. 


    But I do rather like the art style in general. I'm struggling to come up with an adjective to describe the body-image which doesn't sound somehow derogatory. Chunky, muscular, stout... Nothing works... 



  11. Sea, because it's so calming (mountains are too, but I don't want to be mauled by a bear)

    Skydiving or Bungee jumping?



    It lasts much longer, you have control over the process, there's a hell of a great view, and it's actually kind of serene and tranquil. It's like asking "slam a shot of cheap tequila, or savor a glass of 18 year old scotch?"  


    SAE or metric? Explain. 

  12. I do rather like this artwork. nice job. 


    Still trying to figure out the Rule 64 reference. Closest I've come is from the US Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, Title VIII, Provisional and Final Remedies:


    Rule 64. Seizing a Person or Property


    (a) Remedies Under State Law—In General. At the commencement of and throughout an action, every remedy is available that, under the law of the state where the court is located, provides for seizing a person or property to secure satisfaction of the potential judgment. But a federal statute governs to the extent it applies.

    (b) Specific Kinds of Remedies. The remedies available under this rule include the following—however designated and regardless of whether state procedure requires an independent action:

    • arrest;

    • attachment;

    • garnishment;

    • replevin;

    • sequestration; and

    • other corresponding or equivalent remedies.




    The relevance of this eludes me, but I haven't given up searching. 









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  13. Winter. 

    I am so goddamn tired of biking to work each morning in this friggin' heat and humidity. If we had a shower at the TV station it wouldn't be a problem, but this is an upscale professional midtown-Manehattan highrise office building constructed in 1929. I'm just happy that the elevators work reliably. 


    Winter cannot come soon enough. And I will relish every day of it until the spring comes. I will ride Central Park until my legs are jelly, basking in the cooling breeze as the Cherry Hill fountain freezes over and the horse-drawn carriages are put up until the weather turns. 



    1080i or 720p? This is a very real conundrum which vexes all in my industry each day. 




  14. I wouldn't be terribly surprised. This is not an uncommon subject to broach in children's TV. I remember when the kindly old shopkeeper Mister Hooper, of Sesame Street, died in 1982, coincident with the death of the actor who portrayed him. The characters dealt with it in a very straightforward manner, with Big Bird serving as a surrogate for those of us (myself included) who were too young to really comprehend the totality of the subject. 


    MLP has already covered bullying, physical handicaps, communism, wars of conquest... And, depending upon which theory you subscribe to, they've already brushed against the topic vis-a-vis Applejack's surrogate parenthood of Bloom and the nice little camera shot tilting up to the shooting stars.



     What would life be like in a universe completely identical to our own, except that the viscosity of water was twice as high? 

  15. It will emerge as the laughter of thousands of /(x)chan/ users, breaking apart into an indeterminable multitude of imperceptible whips which scatter into the oppressive, sandswept breeze which mercilessly scours the landscape of Teufort county, coming to rest all across the landscape, a thin, protective film of joviality forming upon the bodies of the fallen.  



    If you throw a rusty horseshoe through the mirror...