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  1. Spirit Fire

    Comic (Resident of Evil)

    this comic is commissioned by blake on DA here are the first 3 pages of the comic : page 1 https://www.deviantart.com/spirit-fire360/art/resident-evil-the-silence-page-1-732131988 page 2 (gore warning?) https://www.deviantart.com/spirit-fire360/art/resident-of-evil-the-silence-page-2-734689058 page 3 (gore warning?) https://www.deviantart.com/spirit-fire360/art/Resident-of-evil-The-silence-page-3-757250718 I hope I will finish page 4 before I go back to school ^^"" character's designe : Ace : https://www.deviantart.com/spirit-fire360/art/Ace-MLP-OC-759414093?ga_submit_new=10%3A1534616233&ga_type=edit&ga_changes=1 story writen by : blake
  2. Spirit Fire

    My Art

    This is a commission that someone commissioned me to do , lol it was fun to draw it! ^^ btw sorry for not being online alot , I'm so busy with real life things and with my work on my new comics https://www.deviantart.com/rainbow-fire360/art/Commission-for-cdblack-750236600
  3. Spirit Fire

    My Arts

    @KennyTAG thank you ^^
  4. Spirit Fire

    My Arts

    @Friendship is Horses thank you! , and i wish i can do it but idk how , i don't understand Equestria Daily
  5. Spirit Fire

    My Arts

    oc : spirit fire (owned by me)
  6. Spirit Fire

    My Arts

    Marshmallow oc created and owned by vavacung
  7. Spirit Fire

    lol why i was offline

    ok so i was't online because i was and still sooooo busy with studies ^^" another reason .... idk what i can do on Equestria Daily so i don't use it much X'D but imma will share some of my last arts today <:
  8. Spirit Fire


    i'm not really proud because i'm still new at animatic thing but at least i tryed ;-;
  9. Spirit Fire

    My arts

    Thank you c':
  10. Spirit Fire

    My arts

    i'm testing if this is the right way to share my arts, oh and have a littlepip! :'D
  11. Spirit Fire

    Think Pink

    Thank you i will try it :'D
  12. Spirit Fire

    Think Pink

    Thank and yeah it's them And Sorry but i still don't know How to limit my arts like you said ;-;
  13. Spirit Fire

    Think Pink

    i made this for EStories on DA (btw can someone give me the link of his Equestria Daily account if he does have one?)
  14. Spirit Fire

    Spirit Fire (my officiel oc)

    I will share the backstory of my oc as soon as i finish drawing her new color guide~ c':
  15. Spirit Fire

    Spirit Fire (my officiel oc)

    Oh Okay! Thx