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  1. Hello KennyTAG, Brony Rainboom here and nice Derpy profile image by the way

    1. Brony Rainboom

      Brony Rainboom

      Derpy is one of the cute ponies (there all kind of cute) but did you know that before Derpy's eyes got weird, she was blowing bubbles and watching them move up and around her. She tried to look at two bubbles at the same time, when her her eyes got stuck like that... However, that is one of many possible rumors.

  2. Hey Duo... Brony Rainboom just say'n hi

  3. How are all the Brony fans out there, probably a lot so have a great evening everypony.

  4. hello *waves*

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    2. Brony Rainboom

      Brony Rainboom

      Oh, What kind of dog do you own? I love pugs so much though, pets are a lot of work to take care of. I actually study the field of herpetology which is the science of reptiles and amphibians, so those are the pets I am into. Over the years I had a bearded dragon named Boga, a large toad named Buffy (not the vampire slayer, because he was fat) and a leopard gecko named Rex.

    3. Dr Ned

      Dr Ned

      a Chihuahua named Lestat

    4. Brony Rainboom

      Brony Rainboom

      Aww, small dogs are so cute, though a Chihuahua's yap-like bark is annoying, my foster home use to have four of them!