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  1. Scratchpad Scootin

    What makes you smile or cringe in other games?

    Sonic and All Stars Racing Transformed: Smile: The various characters, music and carts as well as the mods. Cringe: Traffic Attack and Pursuit.
  2. Scratchpad Scootin

    lmaobox down

    Good night, LAMObox, you will NOT be missed.
  3. Scratchpad Scootin

    What makes you smile or cringe in other games?

    Epic Battle Fantasy 4: Smile: Beating the Dark Players and the Rainbow Rafflesia on Epic difficulty Cringe: The Rainbow Rafflesia on epic difficulty.
  4. So yeah, I'm still alive...just extremely lazy in regards to logging in on Steam and the fourms.

  5. Scratchpad Scootin

    RIP Everyone

    Dave Mirra joins the list...
  6. I think it is pretty much safe to say I've lost a bit of interest in playing TF2 (also, sorry I haven't been on steam in ages, I've grown really lazy in logging in as of late).

  7. Well, it's now my birthday and...I don't know what to do XD, but hey, I'm another year older!

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    2. Scratchpad Scootin
    3. Light Landstrider

      Light Landstrider

      Happy Birthday, one more year of experiences and achievements under the belt, let the road be a long one.

    4. JexTexSSB ᴾᴾᴹ
  8. Scratchpad Scootin

    S5 Episode 20 - Discussion

    It certainly was great seeing Pinkie's sisters again after not seeing them for so long. Not to mention Inkie and Blinkie's (I'll still call them this despite them having canon names) are, interestingly enough, kind of how I saw them in my own headcanon of them, Blinkie being a bit more aggressive while Inkie is more reserved and shy, plus quite adorable too. Not going to be looking forward to the ship, though, yet I do hope we get to see her being paired up with Fluttershy, as they have been shipped together in the past (Inkie with her, to be exact).
  9. Scratchpad Scootin

    S5 Episode 18 - Discussion

    This was quite an episode, I have to say and I'm happy to see the CMC get their cutie marks too! Not to mention I feel pretty bad for Diamond TIara too, was quite surprised at Silver telling her off and have a considerable amount of hate for Diamond's mother.
  10. Scratchpad Scootin

    Splatoon - You gotta be squiddin' me

    Just a little warning for those who don't know:
  11. Scratchpad Scootin

    Avatars are now squares! Tell us your thoughts!

    To be honest, the square avatars are better than the round ones, so I like it.
  12. Scratchpad Scootin

    Season 5 Episode Titles and Synopsis Revealed

    Ooh, we'll get to see Pinkie's sisters again, nice.
  13. Scratchpad Scootin

    What Makes You Smile In TF2?

    Getting reflect kills on an overconfident player, nothing makes me smile more than that.
  14. Scratchpad Scootin

    Splatoon - You gotta be squiddin' me

    A little old, but I was quite happy with that, sadly, I didn't get to King due to disconnects driving me bonkers, but hey, I had a little fun.
  15. Scratchpad Scootin

    Pony Names

    As fun as this sounds, I'll vote no on this as well, it does sound like it could get rather annoying and chaotic.