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  1. Princess Rainbow Magic Pants

    Princess Twilight Sparkle Fan Club

    Not a fan; just here for the food.
  2. Princess Rainbow Magic Pants

    Fandom is life - Life is pain - Fandom is pain

    Same. I was a big fan until Smith left. I didn't dislike Capaldi, but after watching one episode with him my will to watch the show just kinda... petered out. @BasementPony16 Sorry, I'm a little confused: you say you doubt that the comics can do justice to Celestia, and then you say that the comic version of Celestia makes show-Celestia look bad.
  3. Princess Rainbow Magic Pants

    Starlight Glimmer: hate or great?

    And voluntarily pass up a chance to complain about something?!?! I can't believe we're the same species...
  4. Princess Rainbow Magic Pants

    Starlight Glimmer: hate or great?

    I'm gonna copypasta from a comment I posted a while ago in an EqD discussion about Every Little Thing She Does: You know what? I actually think that Starlight was conceived with good intentions. I think that the show staff realized that people disliked Princess Twilight, and I think that Starlight is their attempt to replace the old Twi' and bring the show back to it's season 1 / 2 feel. I respect the show-runners for trying to please us. What I don't respect is their abandonment of Twilight as a character, and their failure to execute their plan with any grace. And has anyone else noticed that Starlight is a big pink middle-finger to the tagline Friendship is Magic? Remember that scene The Cutie Map pt.II when Starlight tried to zap Twilight and co. and Twilight blocks the bolt and Starlight is all like "How are you so good at magic?!" and Twilight is like "I'm all friendshipped-up, yo." Today Starlight is less angry, but hardly a better friend and yet she's still magic-ing with the best of em! I feel like the show staff is trying to make Twilight 2.0, but they've forgotten what Twilight 1.0 was like! After season 1 episode 1, Twilight is hardly ever a bad friend. But she becomes a better pony still, and her magical ability increases along with it to the point where apparently she deserves to be a princess(?)(that's another discussion). The point is that Twilight made a believable argument for friendship = magic. Starlight's whole deal is questioning whether she needs friends, because she's amazing at magic on her own. THAT'S LITERALLY THE OPPOSITE OF FRIENDSHIP = MAGIC. argh ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ As an amendment to this, I'm gonna say that I think the season finale actually did a respectable job of realizing Starlight. It's not enough to make me like her, but I think that the characterization we saw was a step in the right direction.
  5. Princess Rainbow Magic Pants

    Fandom is life - Life is pain - Fandom is pain

    @BasementPony16 @LostSanity Those of you unhappy with the state of the show should give the official comics a try. They're not all good, but on average they are much better than the show. Also: "Edgelord Shadowlock." Heh. We'll see. I've got high hopes: it sounds like a fun arc.
  6. Princess Rainbow Magic Pants

    Sketches galore

    Yeah I've done some Artist Training Grounds and I've been happy with the results, but unhappy with the fact that it typically takes three or four hours.
  7. Princess Rainbow Magic Pants

    Tips for writing fanfic?

    The most concise advice on how to write a good fanfic: "Be a good writer; have a good idea." ...But that's not super helpful, so here's some advice: 1) Before you start writing, try to have a beginning, a middle, and an end in mind. A cool premise does not a good story make. 2) Starting a story is WAY harder than finishing it. Trust me: just taking the initiative to write the first page is a hundred times harder than finishing a story. So just DO IT. 3) Wordsmith. Wordsmith. Wordsmith. This is a skill which many authors don't seem to really put effort into. Read your lines out loud. Always ask yourself: is this the most fluid form of this sentence? Being overly florid will trip people up more than being brutal. The worst thing you can do is make people re-read every sentence. 4) It's been said a million times before but: show, don't tell. Ironically, part of this is remembering dialogue. It's easy to get overly engrossed in describing your story. Be wary: having your characters as mute puppets is an amateur mistake. 5) If you truly want the best polish, set the story aside for literally a month or two and come back to it once you've forgotten all your wording. Repeat as necessary. 6) The more pre-readers, the better. (I'm available for pre-reading, but-- Well, PM me) Much of what your prereaders tell you will be unhelpful, but it is still very valuable. You might think that they're morons for not understanding your art, but wouldn't your art be better if it could be understood by everyone? 7) Don't anchor your self-worth to EqD's fanfiction judges. Those guys are overworked and their taste is far from perfect.
  8. Princess Rainbow Magic Pants

    Sketches galore

    Lookin' good! I'd be happy if I could draw like that. Well, actually I could draw like that if I was given a whole day. How long did it take?
  9. Princess Rainbow Magic Pants

    King Sombra is Not Dead (Fan Theory)

    @RK_Striker_JK_5 I wish I could take credit for the idea. I don't remember where i first heard it.
  10. Princess Rainbow Magic Pants

    King Sombra is Not Dead (Fan Theory)

    WAY tl;dr. I'll say though that the only way I can sleep at night is by assuring myself that everything since Season 2 has just been part of Twilight's magic-door nightmare.
  11. Princess Rainbow Magic Pants

    Fandom is life - Life is pain - Fandom is pain

    @Friendship is Horses I've had the exact same thoughts in the past. It sounds like I failed to convince you that there's an extra passion created by inconsistency or deterioration in the subject media. In any case, I strongly agree that the MLP fandom is what it is (or was what it was) because of gaps in the canon. This is why I loudly object whenever an episode like The Times, They are a Changelin' comes out, because it closes gaps in the canon which should REALLY be left open for the health of the fandom. The showrunners see people talking about Alicorns a bunch and they think 'Gee, people really seem to love Alicorns! Let's get rid of some of the ambiguity surrounding them!' Which is understandable, but really the wrong response to feedback. Sometimes the result is merely crowd-pleasing, but just as often they completely wreck whatever they revisit. I think that this is why people were so excited about the Explore Equestria theme for season 6: people were like "Please! Hands off! Half-ass some new stuff so I can hypothesize about it!" Personally I think that the MLP fandom is on it's way out directly because of this kill-it-with-kindness treatment. I kinda disagree with you there on the moral ambiguity point. I think that the writers think that they're making (relatively) mature content. I think they actively try to bring moral ambiguity into stories (Starlight Glimmer being Exhibit A), but the problem is that they are pretty bad at their jobs and rarely succeed in this regard. Let me be clear: I'm not saying that the MLP staff never makes anything good. Why would I be here then? Even with regard to fan-pandering and revisitations, they sometimes hit the mark. I think that Hearthreakers and the Pie family in general has been well-done enough to make it worth the destruction of early fanons. I also give the staff tremendous credit for Slice of Life, which I think was an amazingly elegant homage to the fandom.
  12. Princess Rainbow Magic Pants

    Fandom is life - Life is pain - Fandom is pain

    @Metemponychosis Well, I think that "MLP ought to respect itself more" is the most succinct summary of the show's issues I've ever heard.
  13. Princess Rainbow Magic Pants

    Will the movie underperform?

    My best guess is that it will do somewhat worse than it was expected to at the time that it was greenlit, since the brand has shrunk a bit since then, but it could still be profitable.
  14. Princess Rainbow Magic Pants

    Fandom is life - Life is pain - Fandom is pain

    So I feel like I've had something of a revelation, and I want to know whether I'm full of it or whether I've ascended to level 20 brony. We all know that the MLP fandom is one which inspires a peculiar dedication in it's members. I propose that this is because MLP makes us suffer. The more time you spend in Equestria, the more acutely you feel the pain of it's destruction. No, I'm not making a 'show is dying' rant. It's a fact that almost from the beginning MLP has been regularly punctuated by BUY-OUR-TOYS nonsense, and with cringy episodes written by people who have no passion for the world they are crafting. It hurts. But the pain creates emotional attachment: we pump out fanfics and music and art because we want to honor Equestria as we know it, and because we fear change. We have powerful responses to both good and bad surprises because when the quality is as inconsistent as MLP's is, everything is a surprise! And every hump on the roller-coaster sets each of us up for the next one. So I conclude that since--as the great artists say--life is pain, in order for someone's fandom to become integral to their life, it must be painful. And I think that we can see this applied to other fandoms as well. Firefly is the obvious example, but look at the Gravity Falls fandom. There isn't one! Ask anyone what they think of Gravity Falls and they'll say, "it's friggin' fantastic," and move on with their lives! Doctor Who? People practically kill themselves over Doctor Who, because it's both wonderful and terrible intermittently. I'm interested to know what you guys think of this hypothesis.
  15. Princess Rainbow Magic Pants

    Male alicorns. Possible?

    Hey, you're not gonna find me defending that narrative decision!