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  1. logic tracer

    Kirin is canon

    EMosite CC Posted a video about the teaser for the season 8 of mlp in a convention it turns out the teaser is about kirin a Dragon/horse hybrid heres the video on youtube
  2. logic tracer

    Season 8, Episode 18: Yakity-Sax

    the episode was ok it had a decent plot which lead to a nice message in the end so 3.5/5 for me nothing is perfect
  3. logic tracer

    Season 8, Episode 8: The Parent Map

    for me im a bit confused, i mean the story plot is nice and simple but i got a question? does the table call everyone other than the mane 6. i mean this is also similar to surf and/or turf . and now starlight and sunburst get called as well.
  4. logic tracer

    Season 8, Episode 7: Horse Play

    the episode is nice and we get to see trollestia in the end XD
  5. logic tracer

    new here!

    welcome to the herd
  6. logic tracer

    my first time drawing

    anyway bro got to log out got to submit a collab to my client talk to you later
  7. logic tracer

    my first time drawing

    im still practicing thou im trying to learn in my spare time but thnx bro
  8. logic tracer

    my first time drawing

    hey guys this is my first time posting art and i was planning to make an art of my oc along with my friends doing a battle scene post but due to college projects its taking slow and very incomplete. also im not good in drawing but im learning thats why if its ok if i can get your suggestions and feedback so heres a drawing of my oc holding a cyber cube https://drive.google.com/open?id=1PLDVzHHrLt23fS311r1R2YduCUf1BkDK
  9. logic tracer

    Just had the saddest dream about a Bat Pony

    your story cried me a little inside T-T
  10. logic tracer

    uhhmm, Hello I guess.

    welcome to the fandom Tel Locus this is a nice place and the people here understand your story believe me i was in that path before anyway's welcome Tel were happy to have you here
  11. logic tracer


  12. logic tracer


    i just finished season 1 to 7 honestly i was drawn to mlp for three things Fluttershy,music,and the cutie mark crusaders(its because thier kawaii):3
  13. logic tracer


    sorry cant understand the question if youre asking about me chatting in the forum for the very first time yes im terrified i mean ive seen forum's before where they talk and fight over their fandom and i tried to avoid the forums even thou im a fan of their certain culture this is my first time entering a chat after all T-T
  14. logic tracer


    thank you