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  1. start up a small ISP slowly building it up I am a networking major and have some friends that are technical experts I feel that it could be done with a lot of work. End of the day if we start small we could create a decent ISP from the ground up and make millions because of our policies of "As long as it's legal and not destroying our network, we don't care." 

  2. Name:Tel Locus 




    Personality:he's highly detail oriented and has an enjoyment in archaeology claiming that there is always a story in the dig sites just needing to be told. He's shy and a bit nervous around others especially mares preferring to stay away from them and digging somewhere, once someone breaks him out of his shell he is very sociable trying to do whatever he can to impress others.  

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    Backstory:Tel grew up enjoying looking at various potteries and other small artifacts and had a knack for guessing where they were from, he worked hard and got into canterlot university in the field of Archaeology over time he gained the approval to shadow under Back Dirt who put in an academic probation on him due to not being able to work well with others (Mainly just actively avoiding them) now working for the university he tries to get around the probation to gain his degree in archaeology 

  3. Name is Tel Locus I was told this place is normal, (I'll work on defining that later.) anyways, I guess I should introduce myself. Not sure where to start beyond when I was introduced. I was in Egypt on a rotation (the army doesn't call them deployments so whatever) and I watched every cartoon I could think of, got to a point where I got desperate and looked at the My little pony, link to the site. Figured whatever and watched one episode, then two then a season then all 5 seasons. After that I was kinda hooked, over time I wandered deeper and deeper into the fanshe dom. Fanfics, OCs, RPing, and so on. I met a guy who created his own RPG and I host a forum/Discord server where I met more sane people (Once again need to define that later) and met Sunny Glaze. She kinda convinced me to join saying it's a nice place to hang out. 

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