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  1. If anything, I think the name is too clunky. First of "Eternal" is a very pompous name, considering the character is probably mortal. Sure, sounds cool, but also pretty edgy. Secondly, "Observation" is a very complex name, something that seems too... scientific for a normal name. Pony names are super simple. They are often built upon simple things (Can a kid name it?) or some wordplays. Pinkie Pie is a perfect example of it. She's pink and likes pie. Fluttershy is a wordplay on Butterfly. Granny Smith, Braeburn, Macintosh... they are all different kinds of apples... The list goes on and on. So unless you deliberately aim for an edgy OC, you should keep it simple. Go with "Can a kid name it?" and go from there. Parts like "Night" "Watch" could be used, or some color like his/her coat color. If you have an idea, look up synonyms on the internet or objects or ideas you could word play on. So if you ask me, no, I don't think you should name him/her "Eternal Observation".
  2. Alpha268

    Things You Hate In Games You Love

    The fact that they end some day.
  3. Alpha268

    Stepmania / Trotmania

    I used to play Trotmania a lot in 2013-2014. Even got a friend hooked up on it. The game was nice, and I used to play it on my laptop when I travelled long distances via train (Which probably annoyed so many people looking back... Well, they could have said something :3) However, it somehow died down when I traveled less and less, and now I don't play it anymore. Yet, it sparked my love for rhythm games. So today I still play Kickbeat, Thumper and Intralism. Maybe you want to take a look at Intralism as well? It allows you to custom build tracks, and there is only one pony song so far (And it's Spitfire from Mandopony, so it's a bad song, imo).
  4. Alpha268

    Galacon 2017

    The moment you realize that User will be there as well. And the moment you realize that you got that information through a forum post that mentions you. You could have told me, you know? xD But, yes, as Sky said, I'll be going as well, even if I am not too fond of german bronies. Trying to show Light and Sky some german culture while they're here.
  5. I recommend listening to "Wanted in Equestria" and "Occupy Equestria", which are my favorites. Just keep your head cool, because YAC loved to provoke others, so his lyrics are... derogative at times.
  6. I am probably going to regret this, but the first song I stumbled upon was probably a song by YellingAtCats, this one to be specific: To be honest, it's even funnier considering that I didn't really like any form of rap at that time. (And had to do some digging, because YAC removed all his content.) Only afterwards I stumbled upon things like Rainbow Factory or works from Living Tombstone and AJTE.
  7. Alpha268

    Drawfriend pics scrapper (working but wonky )

    I once created something similar for Rainmeter. I always wondered if CloudFlare or any other DDoS protection would go haywire on your IP after sending thousands of requests within a short timeframe to download pictures. Any reason why you created that in Python?
  8. Alpha268

    Lack of self humour

    That was a pain to read through. Some formatting would have made it easier, not to mention the jumps in the argumentation. But I wonder... why Germany exactly?
  9. Alpha268


    Depends on what you do with it. Sure, your future employer could say that it is not as good as a degree where you actually have to visit lectures. Because when someone is talking to you, you can actually ask questions and it's kinda the "norm" for studies. However, on the other side, a good online degree will allow you to argue that you are someone who is able to manage his own schedule, and knows how to work independently. It could also be an argument that you are apt at learning new things on your own. I have made the experience that people stopped using grades or schools as a single measurement for the skills of an employee. They rather look at the personal history, soft skills (How good developed are his abilities to work in a team, get along with others, hold presentations, be polite... things like these.) and special skills. You can have people with an ace degree from a very known university, but he might turn out as someone who is unable to fit in your project, while someone who has a online degree will be just the guy you need. So honestly? There is a chance that your employer could bring it up. But it is your responsibility to sell yourself well. Be prepared to counter that question, maybe by bringing up all the things you can learn in an online course that is hard to learn in a lecture (like self management) and be confident. Life isn't determined by grades or degrees, it's about what you do with what you got given.
  10. Alpha268

    Don't know what job I want.

    Or simply don't listen to forum users who have no idea who you are, what your proficiencies are and what level of education you actually received. Keep in mind that people here can only give you ideas, but please don't make such an important decision based on comments on a pony forum. My two bits.
  11. Alpha268

    theme :For Honor Game

    Because who would side with the weeaboos or the barbarians if he could have the Lawbringer?
  12. Alpha268

    theme :For Honor Game

    I hope you are going to play for the Knights...
  13. Do you think that your fondness of ballistic weaponry might be a problem as a "soon to be" police officer?
  14. Alpha268

    How much are you like/How did you create your OC?

    And of course, a white coat. Your OC lacks color, I say! My OC was pretty straightforward. I created him based on my biggest faults and shortcomings, as I was fed up with all those Mary Sue OCs who are powerful, successful and infallible. I thought: "What would my evil/bad me be like?" The outcome was a snobby, self-centered and vain unicorn, who thinks he is better than everyone else. Fittingly, I imagine him living somewhere in Canterlot, involved with Canterlot politics. Then I took a few of my strengths, made him a sweet-talker and the character was done. Colors were based on many experiments with a color picker, but I am pretty glad how they came out. Shortly after I created my OC, Coco Pommel was revealed, which was kinda an official approval of my design, as they both were pretty similiar (color-wise, that is). The mane... Yes, I also use hair wax to fix my hair, so that sleek back-combed look is something I have as well, even tho my hair is blonde. And the eyes are the same, as I have blue eyes as well. So technically, my OC is actually more... mean spirited and vain than I am, so you don't have to be afraid to talk to me. Still, I enjoy having an OC with many "bad" attributes, as it makes me reflect my own personality and decisions. When I created him, I spent quite some time thinking about myself and what I represent, what impression I have on others... It was a very valuable experience! Greetings, Alpha268
  15. Im disappointed... You haven't updated your thread with your new music yet. And I think it is most awesome!