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  1. WWolf

    Why did you choose your current avatar?

    I just really like that expression on my OC's face (Comet Streak), eating a cookie baked by his sister. It also looks fuzzy, I can't thank the artist enough for it.
  2. WWolf

    What other websites are you a member of?

    I'm mostly active on MLPForums and deviantArt, though I mostly just watch stuff on the later rather than post content or anything. Also YouTube, but most people are on there anyways. I suppose also airliners.net.... The rest of the websites I only visit but am quite inactive in terms of actual participation to say that I'm a member of them.
  3. WWolf


    Why thank you very much
  4. WWolf

    What did you REALLY think of MLP Movie?

    I thought it was a pretty good adaptation/extension of the show in terms of style and plot. It reminded me a lot about the Starlight Glimmer "saga", regarding a betrayal and eventual redemption of the character, in this case Tempest.. I mean, Fizzlepop . Of course it was cheesy as always with the whole "friendship is magic" theme of the show, but what would you expect? Other miscellaneous details I liked: -Mention of "hungry hungry hippos" made me lel. -There was another reference made but I forgot.
  5. WWolf

    What would you do with a million dollars?

    I was thinking recently what I would do if I had just around $200,000 actually. With a million: -Pay off all college debt -Complete flight training (around $60-70K) -Purchase a decent car (maybe a Nissan Altima or something similar) -Buy a home? Those are pretty much the only things I really need. The rest would be extra.
  6. WWolf


    Hi I'm Wolf, I've been a fan since December 2012, that is all .