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  1. Okay; here’s what’s going on. My daughter and I play Minecraft on our I-pads. I don’t know a lot about gaming stuff so I don’t know what version of Minecraft it is. The opening screen just says Minecraft and the version is 1.2.9. Anyway, I found a link to this minelittlepony and I’d like to mod our I-pads to play it. We’re supposed to download “LiteLoader” but I don’t know which version of it to get or even if it will work on an I-pad. Can anyone help this newbie? Thanks!
  2. Twilight Sparkle Forever
  3. Pandadug

    Trdashie’s Pony girl

    I spent about 2hours trying to find this video and my wife just told me to get it with “save” and I got it in under a minute. Always listen to your wife first. :)) I discovered this video while watching the live stream of Brony videos on YouTube last night. I never knew the amazing talent of people out there. Those animations were incredible!
  4. Pandadug

    Trdashie’s Pony girl

    Does anyone know where I can download this video? I’ve tried to get it from YouTube but without success. I love this song! Thanks!
  5. Pandadug

    Tech and science in mlp

    Thanks for the interesting discussions: I’ve evidently stirred some deep waters. What I get from the stories, so far, is that Celestia and Luna are the top dogs, magic-wise, with Star Swirl possibly topping them; at least in some areas of knowledge. Zecora teaches Twilight Sparkle and so she also has wisdom unique to her, but not on a level with the sisters. I seem to remember one episode where it is declared that Twilight Sparkle is the most talented in Ponyville. Discord seems to have almost limitless power, but there is no choherent purpose or desire for constructive results from it. As for the sun and the moon: can you imagine the planetary stress caused when the Stormking swung them back and forth in the sky if they were really of proper size? And if he was really spinning the earth (that was round), that all of Equestria would go hurtling off into space from the force! In the end, it appears that the writers don’t take these matters TOO seriously and I will follow their example!
  6. Pandadug

    Tech and science in mlp

    Just curious if there has been a discussion here about the science and technology in Equestria. Technology seems very mixed, with carts in Ponyville to big screen displays in Manhattan. I haven’t really watched enough to list everything, but I don’t remember seeing TVs in Ponyville, but record players are used. As for science, is Equestria a flat world? The sun and moon appear to travel the sky, as opposed to the normal planetary rotation. Which brings up, how big is the sun and moon exactly? Celestia and Luna can move them, but Twilight has to struggle to lift and hold in place the smoky mountain villagers. I can’t believe that the sisters are that much more powerful, especially since they can be defeated by the various villains in the series that the mane six eventually overcome themselves.