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  1. AnalyticalGamer

    Season 8, Episode 10: The Break Up Break Down

    I loved this episode! The characters were well handled in my opinion, as well as the world building. I never would have guessed the way ponies did their mail and how their postal office functioned, and it makes me wonder whether this system is exclusively used in Ponyville, and how the other Equestrian postal systems work if it isn't. Aside from that, I also appreciate the morals that were taught and how they were taught. Overall, I think that this episode is a great success, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.
  2. AnalyticalGamer

    Season 8, Episode 9: Non-Compete Clause

    I don't consider this episode to be high on my list of liked episodes, as watching two ponies argue is basically the entire episode wrapped up in a nutshell. Like many others have said before, it's like the season 1 episode "Fall Weather Friends". It disappoints me that the teachers failed, and that the students had to take the initiative. Despite all that, I did enjoy the episode anyways, especially the student six - they were great in this episode. On that topic, I can't help but mention Ocellus's form she took when creating a distraction to save Applejack and Rainbow Dash. She made a fantastic performance, and I really enjoyed it. LOL, I was like Gallus in this image when I first saw Ocellus take that form - except my mouth was wide open and I was saying "what!!!!" in astonishment. Come on, you probably did the same! Those teeth look soo massive and intimidating, yet her expression seems so kind. I don't know...maybe it's just me, I might be going crazy. Image by Vector-Brony
  3. Warning: Huge season 8 spoilers ahead! I noticed something consistent the writers are doing in season 8. They are nerfing the main old characters and making them look bad. First it was Pinkie Pie, then Fluttershy, the Cutie Mark Crusaders, Twilight, Starlight Glimmer and Sunburst, and now Rainbow Dash and Applejack. The only untouched, main old characters left are Rarity and Spike. What does this mean? Well, it is a common tactic in MLP to make certain characters look bad to make the new characters look good. They did it with Celestia, making her look less powerful with magic in a fight with a villain. It seems they are doing it in season 8, making the mane six, CMCs, and Glim Glam look bad, while making the "student six" look good. Let me explain what mistakes are being made. Pinkie Pie loves making friends, but she hates Mud Briar even though she tries her best to tolerate him. Fluttershy is assertive, but that went overboard and she became assertively unpleasant and rude for an episode. The CMCs are great at helping creatures find their place in life, but they failed to do so with Terramar. Twilight learned many friendship lessons but ignored the basic one which is "don't lie to your friends". Mrs. Glimmer has made many friends since her reformation, but it took the cutie map to put her on the path to her fix her friendship problem with her own dad, and the same with Sunburst and his mom. Lastly and most recently, the most loyal pony and most honest pony who have saved the world together multiple times, who haven't fought like this since season 1, had a massive fight that almost killed them and their students. What is happening to the old characters? They made a school and are fully improved, yet they are failing in the areas that they are most skilled in? They have already learned these lessons, but they still fail terribly in season 8. I don't know where the writers are going with this, but I do know this: this season, the old characters are looking bad while the new characters are looking good. Looks like the mane six might need to be replaced... Image by cheezedoodle96
  4. AnalyticalGamer

    Season 8, Episode 7: Horse Play

    Comment on Inconsistencies I am not pleased with the moral of this story, which is don't lie to your friend, even if she is a princess. I think the writers could have done a better job on this. It is inconsistent with many things, but I can forgive it because the writers were more focused on Celestia. Even though the moral is inconsistent and unpleasing, it still helps to make this episode very funny and enjoyable. Before I continue, I want to expound on one particular inconsistency. Twilight should have listened to Applejack in the first place and be honest with Celestia because Twilight has already learned this lesson directly and indirectly and it is obvious for her. Doesn't this sound familiar? This is like Starlight learning repeatedly not to use magic to control or change other ponies. That is one major reason why people don't like Starlight. I know this is a one-time event for Twilight, but it seems inconsistent with her character and more like a plot-device than anything, which makes it sound familiar again. Celestia has been used as a plot-device to make a villain appear more powerful, and I think the same is happening with Twilight and her mistake of being dishonest. That is all I wanted to point out – not that it is bad, but that it is a repeated inconsistency. Now for the 'mane' comment which is about Celestia We all know this episode was made to make Celestia a better character, but did it accomplish that? Simply put, yes; however, there is more to than that. I will now give what Celestia was like before the episode and what the episode changed about that. 1.Before the episode, Celestia's role of raising the sun was not depicted as great as you may think. The hearth's warming story nerfed it, as well as the possibility that other ponies could raise it. Raising the sun may at first glance seem special, but no one could see why and no reasons were given either. This episode changed that, because now we understand that it takes multiple unicorns to raise the sun, and the effects are a loss of magic. We also are told that without the sun being raised the land would covered in darkness for all eternity, so Celestia plays a crucial role in Equestria. Thus, Celestia being able to raise the sun without losing magic is now seen as special and unique. Now we have a problem the episode didn't see coming – what about Luna? She raised the sun perfectly fine without losing any magic and so did Twilight and Discord. To conclude, raising the sun is now more special than it used to be because we know that only powerful characters can raise it alone. 2.Before the episode, Celestia's role as ruler of Equestria was not seen as high, mighty, and important because there was no evidence apart from some ponies just saying that. Celestia as a ruler was not seen as being greater than that of other rulers because there was no support, and Luna was even seen as better than her. The episode changed that, and now we see that Celestia has very great leadership qualities as she directs the play and overcomes the difficult problems that arise when the play is progressing. 3.Before the episode, Celestia is depicted as weak and not so powerful because she always loses in a fight with a villain, and when she wins it's only because she uses the elements of harmony or has somepony else's help. Some people say we never really see her stand-alone magic, even though I would disagree. The episode never addresses this issue though, so we don't receive anything on this matter. In the end, I would say that we need Celestia to defeat a villain instead of being defeated by them all the time. Hopefully we get a 'Celestia saves the day' episode sometime or another in terms of fighting villains. To conclude this section, I shall add to my answer of my question, did this episode make Celestia a better character? Yes, but not too much better. She still has major problems that need fixing, but the problems fixed must suffice for the time being. Smaller, Additional Comments First, I wanted to mention that I love Celestia's characteristics seen in this episode. The writers have really improved her as a character. Second, I like the new event Twilight decided to celebrate: the 1s-versary. What about Luna though? Shouldn't they celebrate her 1s-versary for raising the moon for the 1,111th year from when she first raised it? I think Twilight is biased. Third, I feel like Celestia was like Twilight when they both were young. I say this because Celestia said she was 'too busy' with her magic lessons to have time to get involved with the many plays her friends were involved in, which is like Twilight when she was 'too busy' reading books to hang out with her friends. Fourth, Celestia admits she has no acting experience, but this is false. Celestia must have at least an intermediate amount of experience, and I'm sure she acts a lot when she is feeling tired but must pretend otherwise when she is doing her massive list of princess duties. Furthermore, she has been doing this for a thousand years. Fifth, I love Pinkie's Big Bertha! Why did it take Pinkie 8 seasons to reveal her ultimate party canon? That could have been useful in the season 4 Goof-off with Cheese Sandwich, but I guess it was reserved for royalty. I don't know what happened to it though after Pinkie revealed it, because it just disappeared from the episode after that. Comment Replies I think you will find satisfaction for this in my third small comment. It's funny how you think you know someone and yet they suddenly do something you would never expect them to do. I think Twilight and Spike are surprised how bad Celestia is at acting, which doesn't bleed into their relationship as they have never seen Celestia as an actress. We already know how much she would be missed if she vanished because she did vanish in the season 4 premiere. Regardless, Celestia desperately needs an episode where she obliterates a foe all on her own and that shows her significance as the high and mighty ruler of Equestria. All I ask for is at least one episode. I don't get this flaw. However, I think the writers put this in there to emphasis the fact that Celestia is a terrible actress and is completely unknowledgeable when it comes to the area. The flaw wasn't necessary though, and they could have excluded it and still have the depiction of Celestia as a bad actress. Yes, the inconsistencies are annoying. The bad thing is Twilight already learned this basic friendship lesson and it is obvious. On the other hand, I think you will enjoy the rest of the episode regardless of the mistakes. Image by jhayarr23
  5. hey how its been?

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      Sorry for taking a week to reply, I didn't even notice you commented on my profile. Everything is going well so far, and I am ready for exam week which start tomorrow for me.

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  6. AnalyticalGamer

    Thrond's Review Thread

    Terramar said "Every other Griff my age already knows where they belong". Terramar was pressured to choose because everyone else is doing it, so he felt that he must do it as well. Every Hippogriff as far as we know of has chosen one of the two places to live, so Terramar instinctively assumed he had to choose. Even the CMCs made a mistake and assumed that one had to choose between the two areas. There may have even been some peer pressure involved, but I cannot confirm. I don't think the Cutie Map needs a higher purpose. It is the instrument through which the mane six, Starlight, Spike, and now the CMCs learn and become aware of friendship problems of which some can lead to disastrous results if they are not dealt with. Without the map, many things could have went wrong for Equestria. I don't see how the map is contrived and arbitrary, so can you please expound on this? Also, why do you hate the Cutie Map? Hating the Cutie Map because it sends ponies on quests and furthers the plot is like hating the elements of harmony and the tree of harmony because they assist in the protection of Equestria. The Cutie Map is just an inanimate object that functions as an instrument in spreading and keeping alive the magic of friendship, what is there to hate?
  7. AnalyticalGamer

    Season 8, Episode 6: Surf and/or Turf

    My Comment On Location and Culture: I love this episode! It really gives us insight on the life of a Hippogriff. I could never imagine having to make a choice between Mount Aris and Seaquestria, and it's a good thing that you don't have to! Both areas were amazing, and I would turn out to be like Terramar, choosing to switch between the two. The events that both areas are interesting and plentiful, and I can see how you would never be bored when living at either place! So many things to do and admire, it is fantastic! The best part is being there with your friends! Time for me to take a vacation at the Kingdom of the Hippogriffs! On the characters: Twilight is definitely out of character here, even though she attempts to hide it. I love how she says that she is doing research, yet it is clear she is there to have fun. Don't worry Twilight, we all understand that everyone likes to have fun, play games, and take a day off! The CMCs are great here as well, but the only one who does her job best is Applebloom, who innocently stands there while Sweety Belle and Scootaloo fight with their opposing opinions – it reminds me of the common argument on the internet between best pony and other things, with an innocent bystander wondering why in the world of Equestria people make such a big deal out of these things. On Divorce (Edited) : I misunderstood some people here, and thanks to @Cinder Vel for letting me know. I agree with Cinder and others that divorce is allegorically hinted in this episode. Image by jhayarr23
  8. AnalyticalGamer

    Season 8, Episode 4: Fake It Til You Make It

    Introduction In this comment, I will describe what I think is going on in the episode. In my opinion the episode is good, but points must be deducted from my final rating because many concepts are hidden, which is why this episode seems very illogical and careless with its characters (Fluttershy in particular). What other episodes can learn from this one: DON'T make the major points hidden – not everyone likes to look for the hidden and hard to find points and not everyone finds them, so just be communicative and have Fluttershy give a clear explanation for her actions. No one likes to be left in the dark, especially when the dark makes Fluttershy look stupid. The 'Mane' Comment In this post I will answer four questions in this order: (1) what Fluttershy was thinking when she acted in a mean and harsh way, (2) why her plan was working to begin with, (3) when and how it went wrong, and (4) why Fluttershy was mean and bitter to her friends and critters. What was Fluttershy thinking when she acted in a mean and harsh way? The reason is very evident and clear - "I got so caught up trying to please all of your customers that..." *Rainbow Dash cuts her off* "What customers?". You see, Fluttershy's purpose was to please the customers by acting in a way she thought Saddle Row ponies acted. Why was her plan working? First, Fluttershy was acting like Rarity, which was correct until she met a pony who didn't understand fashion talk. When she saw that her view of a Saddle Row pony needed revision she also noticed that there are more types of a Saddle Row pony, and thus created three actors. To prove this let me quote Fluttershy - " I think I need a new character", and then the critters showed her a costume, which she nodded at indicating she intended to create a new character for the new character to produce satisfactory results, and it worked! So, when and how did it go wrong? Fluttershy was producing fantastic results until a customer reacted in a negative way to the tea (I shall call this customer the 'lukewarm tea hater'). Fluttershy must have changed her view of a Saddle Row pony here. After this, she made fashion remarks that portrayed a negative yet very fashion-knowledgeable view of the dresses. This is where her wrong view of a Saddle Row pony really came into play – all the time she was faking to be like Rarity because she thought it pleased the customers (which is right), but then she changed to acting like a stuck-up and rich fashion expert – this would be logical, as some ponies are this way and Fluttershy encountered some of these ponies before. However, she began to assume all Saddle Row ponies are like this, and that they can only be pleased by others who have similar personalities. Furthermore, such a personality is not very pleasing or polite, which leads to my final answer. Why was Fluttershy mean and bitter to her friends and critters? Her objective to satisfy her customers was not completed since after her encounter with the lukewarm tea hater she had a wrong perspective on what Saddle Row ponies are like. Therefore, Flutttershy's revised view of a Saddle Row pony indicates that she assumed that these ponies hate creatures, explaining her use of the word 'rodent' to her animal friends; additionally, Fluttershy also assumed that Saddle Row ponies look down on 'small town ponies', which explains why she treated her friends as such. Let me add to my previous statement: Fluttershy acted like a stuck-up and rich fashion expert who looked down on critters and ponies with lesser riches and fame. In the end, Fluttershy admits that she took her acting way too far when she realized she had no customers left then proceeds to apologize to everyone. Additional Clarification Let me clarify something to avoid confusion. There are three characters Fluttershy acts like – Rarity (correct), three types of Saddle Row ponies before the encounter with the lukewarm tea hater(correct), and the revised three types of Saddle Row ponies after the encounter with the lukewarm tea hater (incorrect). The incorrect characters are based off rich and stuck-up ponies. Conclusion My comment refutes those who say there is no explanation of the events in this episode, but it does not blame them for coming to that conclusion. The episode's way of hiding important and crucial concepts has made the episode receive negativity because of insufficient clarification. It is for this reason that I deduct points from the episode's rating (-15 points out of 100), and I also think the writers could have done a better job on this. Apart from that, I think everyone will find the episode even funnier and more enjoyable now that explanations have been presented, and I personally find more contentment with the episode because of these answers. Note: whenever I said Fluttershy acts like 'Rarity', one could replace it with 'Fluttershy' since the episode synopsis indicates that. I'll probably change it sooner or later, but not right now since I will have to re-word many things.
  9. AnalyticalGamer

    Season 8, Episodes 1 & 2: School Daze

    There is a trending question that many are asking – how can the mane six be teachers and work at their normal jobs? I will provide some answers to this question in this comment. There is a similar post about this by @bwrosas, and I think he gives great answers to this question as well – if you want to check it out, his post is called "How will the School Of Friendship Operate Hourly?". Remember, these answers are not facts or infallible, so you do not need to consider or choose any of them. First, the mane six could be part-time teachers. Each one teaches only one class, so they could do both jobs in the same day. This would normally lead to exhaustion and an overpacked schedule in real life, but we are dealing with Equestria – the mane six could have far more endurance than us in real life, and teaching only one class isn't over burdensome unless that class lasts all day. Second, the concept of having two jobs might not be applicable to the mane six, since we have no canonical evidence that the mane six always do average work hours like us humans. There also is no evidence that the mane six must do their normal jobs and teach at all times. There is a refute to this though – even though it is never said for the mane six to always be doing their ordinary work, the concept is implied to the point where the mane six must put at least a normal amount of effort into their jobs. Third, the mane six have substitutes for their normal jobs. This could mean that they don't have to do their jobs all the time. Furthermore, these substitutes are well qualified to take the mane six's normal job positions. It could be something like this – 5 days a week, Big Mac substitutes for AJ until she is done teaching for five hours. Fourth (not an answer – a refute to objections), to say that the mane six cannot work two jobs at once seems inconsistent. They are fine when they go out on long adventures and go visit places like the Crystal Empire for multiple episodes without any known effect on their jobs, why can't they be fine when they teach one class at their home town? Feel free to expound on my answers or refute them – opinions are also encouraged. Disclaimer: I have not stated any of my points as facts, as fully accurate answers, or as the only answers
  10. AnalyticalGamer

    Nuke's FIM Episode review thread

    Section 1 The only thing I disagree with is your statement about Ember. I don't see anywhere in the episode that the dragons were hostile toward Ember because of her actions, and that Ember caused the enmity or even received it for that matter. On the other hand, I see that the dragons were hostile and had enmity toward each other, and not toward Ember: "According to Ember's letters, the dragons are trying to be friends, but competing is in their nature, and it's leading to more and more fights." - Twilight, S7 ep15. However, I do suppose that Ember received and caused at least a small portion of this. You are correct in this, and my above statement is not justifying Ember's actions and claiming her as innocent; as a matter of fact, she is all the more guilty because she is the leader and she was using and promoting a very faulty and wrong method of solving friendship problems which significantly furthered the enmity in the dragon-land. Section 2 I don't see how they aren't, and last time I checked the other seasons never gave us psychological villains apart from the Tantabus; nor did they give us an Egyptian related mythological creature called the Sphinx. The point is, I don't think we should demote season 7 villains because each one is different and unique from those in the other seasons. You forgot to mention that the Pony of Shadows was weak to begin with as soon as he came out of limbo. He never had a chance to reveal his full power because he was defeated before he gained it. And even when he was weak, he still had enough power to beat Twilight alone in a magic dual, destroy all six rocks in the ritual, and destroy Starswirl's protection spell; furthermore, it took the pillars, the mane six, Sunburst, and Starlight to begin banishing him to limbo. He undoubtedly did more than just talk, and he could have done worse if given enough time. What they did and what they indicate gives us another option. The Pony of Shadows has opened the way for an alternative and dark view of Equestria, presenting questions such as what else is out there that is imprisoned or hiding in another dimension? Or are there more forces of darkness, maybe even connected to the Pony of Shadows? It is this reason that makes the Pony of Shadows memorable to me, and this reason is like the one you gave for Daybreaker. I believe that the season 7 villains are memorable and strong in different ways, and they present to us a darker view on evil; when I say 'they', I am referring to Daybreaker, the Pony of Shadows, and the evil Rainbow Dash. I wouldn't call shooting lasers out of your eyes 'weak' or 'unmemorable'. Conclusion I agree with @RK_Striker_JK_5 that you have a very great summary of season 7; moreover, apart from the two areas I mentioned above, I find it very legitimate and accurate.
  11. AnalyticalGamer

    Thrond's Review Thread

    I thought it was great as well, so you're not the only one. As a matter of fact, I legitimately laughed out loud as soon as the first punch line landed – I wasn't in tears, but I was left with a large smile on my face and anticipating a humorous episode. To me, it seems like Pinkie's emotions and character backfired as soon as she understood the truth about Mud Briar and Maud, which explains her irregular actions and behavior. I will get to this later. 'Technically' (pun intended), the writers are only doing what they did to other characters, such as Pinkie and her tendency to do overreactive things or Maud and her very normal tone of voice. However, I do see how Mud Briar's schtick can be very annoying, and I must admit that the writers should have lessened the appearance of this. Maybe it is something the writers threw in to explain Limestone's personality and why she acts that way. This offhand comment seems like a hyperbole which means we shouldn't take it seriously – this is a comedy episode anyways. On the other hand, she does seem serious, but she also seems like she doesn't care. Don't worry about it though, because no matter what the situation is we simply don't have enough canonical information and there are also too many variables and potentials to come to a canonical conclusion. I view Starlight's role in this on aa larger scale. When she attempted to resolve the problem between Pinkie and Mud Briar, I immediately understood it because Starlight knows a lot about friendship. Starlight has been learning about friendship for a very long time, and don't forget she is now a social professional (just as good as the mane six) indicated by her title of The School of Friendship's guidance counselor. Remember the S8 ep2 advice Princess Starlight Starlight gave to Twilight – profound, and to give great friendship advice two episodes in a row is even more so. I don't feel that way because it provided even more humor to the episode; also, think of this as canonically accurate. Formula for the end of Equestria Pinkie's character backfiring: Pinkie is hyperactive in a positive way (makes friends, super-massive parties, etc) + sudden realization of the truth that Maud's boyfriend is the worst pony Pinkie has ever met = the apocalypse pink pony has a chaotic overflow of hyperactive, negative thoughts and actions
  12. AnalyticalGamer

    Thrond's Review Thread

    (Season 8 Spoilers) @Throndand @Metemponychosis I must comment about this topic as well. In the "School Daze" episodes, I particularly disliked how the authority of being a princess was undermined. Does the title of 'chancellor' carry equal or higher power than that of princess in Equestria? I hate how Neighsay could undermine Twilight's authority as princess of friendship and get away with it. Examples of the Undermining of Twilight's authority as Princess of Friendship 1) Twilight says, "Friendship isn't just for ponies!" Neighsay replies, "It should be." 2) Twilight says, "My school will help to protect Equestria." Neighsay replies, "or destroy it!" 3) Twilight says, "My school is going to do things differently!" Neighsay replies, "Allowing all of these creatures to attend your school, changing the rules for them, it simply won't work!" Celestia's and Twilight's mistakes Celestia says, "I seem to recall something about earth ponies, unicorns, and pegasi doing something similar, don't you?" No Celestia, you should have said that Neighsay should listen to Twilight, who happens to be the princess of friendship and an expert on the other races and being friends. Actually, this theme is seen in S7 ep5, as Fluttershy (insert 'Twilight') isn't an expert on building things (insert 'establishing a school'), but she is an expert with animals (insert 'friendship'). Twilight, you were there! Why didn't you remember this and apply it to your present situation! She can hardly be blamed though, considering the pressure she was under – however, Celestia has no excuse. I wouldn't say that. Their authority was undermined, but only because the princesses were in the realm of education and schools, in which chancellor Neighsay has equal or higher authority and knowledge. However, there were more areas involved, like friendship and races, but Neighsay did not notice or ignored it as indicated by his dialogue. Everything he said always referred to and was founded on the area of education, which makes wonder whether this was intentional. I am using the extreme words 'always' and 'everything', so if you find some dialogue of his that doesn't link back in any way to education (in his arguments against the school of friendship), please inform me. Aside from that, a better thing for you to say is that the princesses didn't "exert authority over the EEA", and they should have. Hopefully they will in the episodes to come. Neighsay's mistakes If you re-watch the episodes, then you will notice that Chancellor Neighsay is doing the wrong things with the right intentions – he is seeing things the wrong way, the educational way (better said the EEA way). He is thinking like the antagonist Starlight Glimmer and Snowfall Frost (not as extreme though). Cutie marks (insert 'school of friendship') are a bad thing; Hearth's Warming (insert 'school of friendship') needs to end! Some dialogue to emphasis my point: Neighsay says, "This is for the greater good" (referring to closing the school). He needs to be reformed in his philosophy.
  13. I'm back on the forums! A few days ago, I said that I would be mostly offline and inactive when season 8 came out. This was my March 15, 2018 status update about season 8, and I deleted it because it is inadequate due to a change in circumstances. Therefore, to my excitement, I can now watch the newest episodes! Everything should go back to normal regarding my activity, but since a new season is being released I probably will be more active than normal. You know what this means... 


    "Let's party!"- Pinkie Pie, S2 ep16 ("Sweet and Elite")

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  15. @Friendship is Horses if you hate Diamond Tiara, then what do you think of her mom, Spoiled Rich? She seems antagonistic enough to me.