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  1. Update: According to the Equestria Daily website who got the information from Zap2it, the next episode to air will potentially air on August 4, which means that the mid-season hiatus will end earlier than anticipated if this information proves to be correct (this is unofficial as of now). Assuming the earlier date is correct, I will no longer be inactive on this website starting July 29; however, during that time I will be taking an online college course, so my activity will be limited until I complete it. Aside from that, the mid-season hiatus went by really fast for me (even though it is only a 56-day hiatus) and as right now it is already nearing its halfway point which is July 7. I am very excited for the season to resume its normal schedule and I'm already hyped!

    Click on the links below to view the Season 8 airing information for yourself (spoiler warning): 

    Zap2it  follow this link to Zap2it then go to the "Episode Guide" to see when episode 14 is airing (spoilers included: episode 14 synopsis) 

    Equestria Daily