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Information from status updates: I have changed my name. AnalyticalGamer -> EpicEnergy

My favorite pony: Autumn Blaze

About me: I'm just your slightly above average and more than unique gamer. I am indeed an unashamed brony, with a passion for My Little Pony. My favorite video game of all time is hard to pick because of how much I like 'that part about that game but that part about that other game'; however, if I was to pick a favorite in broader terms, it would be in the genres of open worlds, fps, and battle royales – more specifically in the franchises of COD, Halo, Destiny, Minecraft, Just Cause, and Fortnite. Apart from MLP and video games, I am also a fan of Star Wars - and yes, I consider the newer episodes to be canon ("The Force Awakens"; "The Last Jedi"). I love the new episodes of Star Wars that came and are coming out regardless of what people say. On the other hand, I do agree with the critics to some extent in that I do not like the way how some events in the new episodes turned out. Regardless, I can't wait to watch the new Star Wars movie "Solo: A Star Wars Story", but due to negative reviews I have decided it is not worth the money to see it in theaters; therefore, I will watch it sometime before the Star Wars episode nine release.

Activity information: I will be leaving these forums, and I won't be returning until further notice. I may occasionally return for about a day every once in awhile, just to see how things are going.

Information about my bio: latest update 10/01/18; previously updated on 08/30/18.