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  1. Welcome to we live in, there are and will be different people who speak differently... and don't expect everyone to be coherent 100% of the time in a sanitized way
  2. Is it my speaking style or accent.. or just the things I say?
  3. Greeting then, my fellow victims equines..and others. Created the account, bet never had the time to use it, but today, as the free food Love is shared & spread across the world, I can't just sit in my little hole all day! The fandom... in a way I joined...hmmm about 2 years ago(holy crap!) and thanks to EQD event NATG i made my own character and even more. As for what I do most off my days?Well I just complain and moan about the state of the world, but hey, If you enjoy such a thing: here is some of my work: So in the end, a big hello to you all, especially to my own kin who DECIDED NOT to become some ugly hippies!