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  1. Hi everyone, 


    I'm the director of THE ANTELOPE PARTY, which is a new play about MLP fans and politics, which has been getting some terrific response (see below) from the general theatergoing as well as the local Brony community.  I want to invite anyone in the Chicago area to come check it out at Theater Wit, 1229 W Belmont.  As a thank you to all the various fans who have helped us make the show, we're giving a discount of 15% off to the entire community.  Just use special offer code EQDAILY when you order.


    Tickets and information at  (Use special offer code EQDAILY for 15% off through 2/24)


    CRITIC'S PICK, Performink:


    Magic! Playwright Eric John Meyer gives life and breath and love to all of these oddly human misfits. The entire ensemble brings this play world to life with a love and vivacity that only true Bronies could rally. Everything is specific and unfamiliar and maintains a quality of believability. We begin to gain an understanding of how passionate the Brony love and Brony world are.



    RECOMMENDED, The Hawk Chicago:


    Stellar.  This is a dark comedy that rings all too true. Characters with depth and nuance.


    RECOMMENDED, Broadway World:


    A stellar ensemble. Will Allan undergoes a stunning transformation that is positively unnerving. Edward Mawere gives a spirited turn as Ben, who wholeheartedly sells his character's devotion to the culture of MY LITTLE PONY. Munch is mesmerizing to watch on stage. Bhatt is compelling as Maggie, showing us her character's struggle to decide if her allegiance lies with the bronies or the neighborhood watch. Linder lends both vulnerability and strength to his portrayal of Doug. And as meeting interloper Jean, Mary Winn Heider displays superb comedic timing