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  1. Starter

    Hi everyone, Jyc's here!

    Welcome, the music is really good, keep up the good work
  2. Starter

    I'm alive

    Hi and welcome to the forum (:
  3. Starter


    Welcome on the forum ^^
  4. Starter

    The hate is real...

    Woaw, such hate, i think its funny how some people find saying "you are 10 year old" as a insult.
  5. Starter

    Hey, PF2

    What is an pf2?
  6. Starter

    My Name is PzychoGamer

    Welcome to the forum! Have a nice stay.
  7. Starter

    What Makes You Smile In TF2?

    That moment when you backstaped somone from his front.
  8. Starter

    Hi there :3

    Hi! My name is Valentin, but you can call me Vali :3 , i joined the fandom 1 month ago, i play TF2, SA:MP, Robocraft and GMod, hope to understand each other