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  1. PolarisAegis

    Regular Online Game Nights?

    So I had noticed the thread about setting up a MK8 room on specific days, but as I thought about how EQD's steam group has TF2 nights and such, I wonder whether or not we could try to figure out a night we can try to have people try to be on for one of the various Wii U online games, whether it be Smash, Splatoon, MK8, or any others. Perhaps we could aim for one of the days on/around the weekend? We could use the FiG Discord to try to have people talk to each other and set this up as well as talk ingame. If anyone's up for it, we can discuss it here beforehand so we can find each other in DIscord as well (I'm Andrethyst in discord, not PolarisAeg). Anyone up for the idea?
  2. PolarisAegis

    Hi there!

    Never been much of one, myself. I do sometimes watch others do so though.
  3. PolarisAegis

    Ninty Consoles Code Sharing Thread!

    My Nintendo Network Id: kirbyfreek33
  4. PolarisAegis

    Splatoon - You gotta be squiddin' me

    I'm glad I joined team Decepticon for this splatfest, though I don't really have much of a connection to Transformers... I'm really looking forward to seeing what our next one is, though the Japanese Boke vs Tsukkomi ("Funny Man" vs "Straight Man", a Japanese type of comedy, a.k.a. Callie vs Marie) is one that I found really amusing to see.
  5. PolarisAegis

    Hi there!

    Hi there everypony, I'm PolarisAegis (though you'll see me in games with the account kirbyfreek33), and I'm glad I finally got myself to come and join this group. I kinda forgot it had existed after seeing the EQD post, but was reminded when I suddenly saw Sonata Dusk on crime.NET in Payday 2, which reminded me. At the moment I mostly play Payday 2 and Splatoon, though periodically I kinda swap what games I play intensely. Hopefully I'll be more of a poster than I have been with past forums I've been a part of... ^_^;
  6. PolarisAegis

    Gamer tags

    Steam: Kirbyfreek33 Battle.net:Kirbyfreek33#1726 (only really play HS, though) NNID: Kirbyfreek33 (this is the PC section, but I figured I'd keep 'em together) Sometimes I really want to change my steam/other names, but basically everyone I know recognizes this a lot already, so I just can't let go of it even though the name's like 11 years old now...