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  1. GWFan Plays: Magic Castle, Blind!

    A long lost Playstation 1 game surfaces at last! Is it any good? Judge for yourself!


  2. GWFan’s Thirty Second Update

    Not sure why these links aren't popping up as actual videos anymore but here's my latest update I forgot to put here yesterday.

  3. Merry Christmas and Happy Hearth's Warming everyone!!  Have a weird game I played!!


  4. GWFan's Breaking Update


  5. Also realized I hadn't thrown this up over here so figured if anyone was wondering I made this video quite a while ago basically saying I'm on hiatus from Let's Plays for a while.  (As if that wasn't obvious but this is to say I don't intend to quit, just on break.)



    More nonsense voice work but this time for EQD.  Figured I might as well throw it up here too. (Not sure why its not showing the video itself here but the link is safe.)

  7. Just something silly I made a while ago to pass the time.  Why not?

  8. Let’s Play Hollow Knight (Blind) #67 – No Eyes And The Fool


  9. Let’s Play Hollow Knight (Blind) #66 – Traitorous Soul


  10. Let’s Play Hollow Knight (Blind) #65 – Searching for God


  11. Let’s Play Hollow Knight (Blind) #64 – Trials and Tribulations of the Grey Prince


  12. Not as Short of Update as I Intended


    Don't know why the link won't convert into a video but its just an update anyway.

  13. Let’s Play Hollow Knight (Blind) #63 - Zote the Really Mighty?


  14. Let’s Play Hollow Knight (Blind) #62 - Fight to the Finish