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  1. I was introduced in a pretty convoluted way actually.  Truth be told, I watched the original G1 MLP when I was a kid (despite being male) and even saw My Little pony Tales as the episodes were premiering.  So to begin with I never had any prejudice ideas about MLP.  I was perfectly willing to check it out.  The how though, is where the convoluted part comes in.  Several years back (let's say late 2009 to somewhere in 2010) for whatever reason I suddenly remembered an old movie I had enjoyed called "The Last unicorn."  It interested me to know if others thought it was as good of a movie as I thought it was so I looked up a review and came across a YouTuber by the name of Hewy Lewis (later changed his name slightly to Hewy Toonmore).  I started watching his reviews of various animated movies for a while and perhaps a year later he did a crossover episode with another reviewer by the name of Hardcore Kid.  I enjoyed Kid's part in the episode and started watching his reviews as well.  Then, in the early summer of 2011 Kid decided to do something different.  He read a My little Pony fanfiction called 'Cupcakes'.  If you guys aren't familiar with the Cupcakes fic well... read at your own discretion.  It has quite the reputation let's just say.  For me, I couldn't get all the way through the story Kid read because it just got too much into the oddly gory details.  However, it did do two things.  First it made me aware that a new MLP series had been made and second, it introduced me to a term I had never heard before: Brony.  "What the heck is a brony?" I wondered.  Thus, I looked up the show and watched episode one (only the first season was released at the time).  It wasn't quite what I was expecting but I saw nothing wrong with it.  I went to bed (it was late), woke up early in the morning to go to work, and then while I was at work decided I should probably at least watch part 2 since the first episode ended with "to be continued."  And thus, over the course of the next three days I ended up watching the remainder of season 1 and discovered I liked it.  What's more, I found myself with an urge to write fanfiction again for the first time in at least ten years.  And the rest is history.

  2. 3 hours ago, Toki Zensekai said:

    Hiya GW, I don't think we get that many Let's Players here on the forums, so welcome! It's always nice to have other gamers here, like myself. If you're ever in the market for someone to play Online games for your Let's Plays, just hit me up on Steam (link in profile). Either way, enjoy your stay here.

    Cool.  I've actually never done any online gaming thus far.  That could be interesting to look into to.

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  3. Hello everyone.  I literally had no idea these forums existed until just yesterday and feel kind of silly now that I do know.  True, I don't hang out on EQD as much as I used to (life keeps you busy sometimes) and I only occasionally comment on anything on EQD in general, so most of you have no idea who I am.  Let's just say I'm just a Brony who always wanted to do a Let's Play series on YouTube.  And so I did thanks in large part to Friendship is Magic oddly enough back when the first pony mod for Final Fantasy VI was created some six years ago now.  I've been a Let's Player ever since.  I play full walkthroughs with detailed explanations of game mechanics, where to find the best stuff, and maybe even a bit of random trivia along the way.  I play mostly RPG's with a few action/platformer games and perhaps a few other genres here and there as I improve my technology.  And obviously I occasionally play mods and fan-made games for FIM too, which you otherwise might not be able to find a walkthrough for.
     I try to upload main Let's Plays every day at 6:00AM Pacific time, and Side Let's Plays (on the occasion I have them) every other day at 5:00PM Pacific time.  So come on over to my channel if you are at all interested and watch a game or too.  Hopefully you'll have some fun and maybe even learn a thing or too as well.

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